7 Things Only An AISEC-er Would Enjoy

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  1. Three day long conferences.
    While all the other students would never really want to sit through twelve hours of consecutive sessions learning or strategizing, AIESECers enjoy learning! This highly motivated group of individuals is actually excited at the idea of sitting through tediously long sessions made to help them learn better communication skills, a branding technique or simply strategize. AIESEC conferences usually last for three or more days, and the turn out being the maximum showcases the enthusiasm of these exceptional students.
  2. Endless Impromptu Public Speaking
    Who wants to stand in front of an audience of 80+ ambitious students and explain their point of view with the chances of being laughed at or the fear of being judged? An AIESECer believes that the stupidest question was the one that was never asked. Outside AIESEC these individuals are seen taking the risk of facing any sort of audience and be the first ones to stand up and speak. If there’s one thing every AIESECer (even the introverts) knows how to do, that is public speaking!
  3. Facilitating Conferences: A non-AIESEC would never want to run around a conference or an event trying to facilitate the participants, working back stage while everyone else is learning and strategizing, all that too without any incentive! However, an AIESECer is always ready to volunteer for this position. Facilitators run the show that the organizing committee has been setting up for months. These individuals seek experience and AIESEC is the only place where they get the right sort of it!
  4. Meetings
    Meetings are boring, and if you are going to be questioned about updates, you’d rather not go, UNLESS it’s an AIESEC meeting that you’re attending. May it be a portfolio meeting, a general body meeting of the local committee or an annual meeting; an AIESECer would never want to miss either. After all, that is your opportunity to meet your AIESEC friends, to give updates, to discuss problems and to find solutions.
  5. Real Work: AIESECers want to work! They like what they do, and they simply want to learn more. You’ll see AIESECers volunteering for extra work, just because ‘they love AIESEC’. These ambitious and motivated individuals enjoy hard work!
  6. Discipline!
    Opposing to the idea of being falsely known as the fashionably-late casual people, AIESECers believe in discipline! AIESECers are expected to be never late or create disturbance during sessions. As strange as it sounds, conference discipline, rules and norms are religiously followed by all AIESECers and is considered as code of conduct. Thus discipline at meetings and conferences is taken as an AIESEC tradition that AIESECers embrace and also enjoy.
  7. Roll Calls
    Roll calls for a group of over eighty individuals might just seem like something you’d rather pass. However, attendance is necessary for one to have instilled in him the AIESEC values. AIESECers are used to this task at every meeting or conference that roll calls are actually fun.

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