‘Red Band Society’ – The Must-Watch TV Series This Fall

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First off, I am a huge fan of medical dramas; House, The Night Shift, Grey’s Anatomy you name it. So it wasn’t a big surprise that I would jump up at the opportunity to watch yet another one, but when I saw the pilot of Red Band Society it was beyond anything I expected. I’ll try to not give you any spoilers as I explain what it was that made this TV show my instant favorite.

It’s immediately obvious when you watch the pilot that Red Band Society is not your average medical drama. These characters are mostly teenagers suffering from illness like cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart problems, eating disorders who live and socialize in the hospital while they try to get better and these characters also show some real heart, maybe it’s because these actors/actresses share a real bond offset and it sort of just blends into their performances.

The fact that they’ve got two real doctors working as consultants on the show must mean they’re taking their subject matter very seriously. One of the most awesome things about the show is that the teenage cast, in any other setting would never be friends because each is a polar opposite of the other and yet they bond and they bond pretty well solely because of the place and the circumstances and this friendship helps them to discover new sides to themselves, especially when it comes to relationships.

Is this starting to sound a little too much like Grey’s Anatomy or Glee? I know the threat of ‘each-character-dating-every-character’ looms over every television show these days especially one where teenagers are involved like Glee but trust me this show is so much more than that, this show actually shows some real potential, it looks promising enough to not follow in the footsteps of the typical teenage dramas. This is more than just a teenage dramedy. Unlike Grey’s, it’s not about telling the characters’ personal stories according to the patient-of-the-week, and unlike Glee, it’s not about manipulating scenarios to fit whatever song they’re going to sing that week. It’s about a set group of people who are all different from each other, and the way they live and grow as a community, it benefits themselves as well as the people around them.

If you’re looking for a TV series to follow this Fall I would strongly suggest you give Red Band Society a shot. This show is just two episodes in but it shows some potential to go beyond the empty, vapid scenarios so common in modern television dramas and actually add some value to your life. I know it has to mine. As actor Wilson Cruz (who plays Nurse Gomez-Rejon) has stated: “It’s not about death or disease… it’s about life.”

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