Is Electronic Entertainment Destroying the Youth?

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Entertainment can be explained in many different ways, but the most appropriate definition of entertainment is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

Most common of all entertainments nowadays is electronic entertainment which has active as well as passive effects, but the latter are more which can be seen in the pyramid below:


First of all, let us talk about the television and the programs broadcasted on it. In news channels, there is so much of sensationalism that a family cannot sit together and watch it. Reports on rape cases, murder, bribery, theft are shown through reenactments without their consequences told. By this the children of today become more vulnerable to unethical acts. Furthermore, news channels only show the negative side of the country and politicians of Pakistan, which multiplies the negative effect on the masses. Not only are the children affected by it, but adults as well. It also leads to one of the major psychiatric disease known as depression.

Other channels such as of movie, dramas, adventure and sports have the similar effects. They are a curse in disguise. Children and teenagers even young parents instead of going out for adventure or sports would rather sit in front of the television on holidays. Children see the act not the words thus following the same trend set by their adults, resulting in several problems like addiction to drugs etc.

Secondly, cellphones being most commonly used entertainment source has the most adverse effect on the masses. Almost every person in the country owns more than one cell phone at a time. The latest the model of the cell phone, the higher the status. Our society has become more and more caught up in things like these. Instead of working hard for the country and having competition at work or academics, people rather make their statuses higher by the material things they possess and in this case cell phones, even though they may be illiterate!

Moreover, cellphones also known as mobiles are used for prank calls and for forwarding useless messages. Several murder cases have been reported lately, the reason for four of the murder cases was a cell phone. Jokes are forwards and not to forget religious messages are also sent with an instruction to forward it to friends and family or you may die.

In addition to this, people have forgotten the beauty of letters that once our forefathers told us. The stamp on the letter, the mail man and the waiting period for it not only brought joy and excitement but also taught patience. Nowadays, children lack this attribute and they want everything to be done at the lightning speed, thus are impatient and rude, creating a fuss every now and then.

Last of all sources is the internet, which can be described as an open ocean. One, regardless of age, can obtain any information they want to, which obviously is a bad thing. Children watching adult rated shows or a person learning to hack an account or a depressed person searching for ways to die because in the end one can find everything in the ocean.

Plus, the social networking websites do not actually make us social as they in contrast make us isolated and neglected. For example, after updating a status or a picture, one waits for likes and positive comments, but if one does not receive them, one feels down or unwanted in the social circle they have. Fake accounts on the social media websites, create more danger as many cases of sexual harassment have been reported. People get blinded by the fake love and start to exchange their personal information at the end get caught in the predator’s web.

In the end everything has its pros and cons, but all in all electronic entertainment has more cons than pros.

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