Warning! Are You In Love?

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You walk through the corridor and see that girl, the one that makes your scalp prickle…

That guy, mysteriously glancing through his Ray Bans, the one who gets your hormones raging…

Are you in love, my dear? You then follow that typical dating, incessant texting, all-day talking protocol, but then eventually drift apart and then realize that you have been chasing the wrong person with a defective idea all this time! But it seemed so real, for the duration that it existed! And then equally ethereal afterwards. So how did it happen? And more importantly, why did you let it happen? The truth is a bitter reality of life; and once the clouds of confusion clear away, it shows in front of you as clear as a crystal. For someone in the teenage, ‘true love’ does not exist. It is all just hormones and crushes and infatuation.

Romantic involvement can distract you and blind you to what lies just in front of you. And what really lies in front of you? You yourself! You spend your whole day thinking about that crush of yours and it always keeps you in a state of frenzy, playing like a relentless tapr in your mind, not allowing it to function properly.

“It is said that passion makes one think in a circle.” – once said Oscar Wilde, befittingly!

At a tender age such as the teens, we do not even know ourselves, but we like to think we do. And to assert that notion, we try to make independent decisions, some of which pertain to our social lives. What is in front of us is a whole world of experiences beyond our imagination. What we choose is days full of monotonous conversations and sparkly talk. To put  yourself and your growth and development first should be the aim of every young individual and it is high time that any drifters reading this stop for a moment and realize what a gift life is – and how brutally they are creating a mess of it.

Man has always been able to do the impossible and the unfathomable, but only once he realizes his true potential. And to do that, an unambiguous approach at life is a pre-requisite. As young fish looking for a suitable direction to swim in, you need to detach all strings attached to anyone who-so-ever to make sure that you can move towards greatness.

Remember, you are smarter than you think; in fact, you are so smart that the only thing standing in your way – is you! Everything you do, every thought you process, and every word you say creates a memory that you will forever hold in the archives of your mind. It shall have an imprint on your personality and will affect you in subtle ways – ways you are not always aware of. Your soul becomes dyed with the color of your thoughts. Thus, be very conscious and selective of how you spend your life, and most importantly, what (or who) you spend it for.

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