10 Things To Do In Your Last Semester

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It has all come down to these last few months then. It is the last semester, and your whole college life before this may have been a bit of a blur, or a pain of a drag, but the end draws near now. For all your academic achievements (or lack of them), your college romances (or lack of them), and your daring adventures (or lack of them), it’s time you make college-life count for one last time, while also making your future secure. Here’s our to-do list for your last semester.

  1. Prepare for life-after-college. Start applying for internships/jobs now. Between the farewell parties and the class skipping, find time to be proactive. You’ll be glad you did. Learn how to write a good cover letter. This is important. You must stand out, may it be with your job or your admission applications.
  2. For once, be stupid – but not too stupid. Sing songs in the library, set fireworks off inside the college premises, bet your friend a hundred bucks you can jump off the first floor classroom, or organize a fake brawl in your cafetaria (the last one only applies to guys, ofcourse).  Whatever you do, though, don’t get caught.
  3. Bunk a whole day of college and go on a trip with friends. It’s amazing how many seniors have never done this. Hike, go to the beach or just go see a movie. We can promise you this will be one of the most memorable day of your college life. Your professors will be more forgiving than your future bosses will.
  4. Stop cheating. Stop plagiarizing. Stop scanning, and photocopying. And stop making excuses. If you haven’t owned up to your academic and miscellaneous responsibilities and mistakes yet, now’s the time.
  5. Quit habits that you don’t need in your life ahead. Stop smoking, if you do. It will kill you. Stop writing in leet speak. You may think it’s ‘cool’ but the people you write to will think it’s obnoxious.
  6. Stop buying stupid shit, and stop spending money on unnecessary stuff (like cigarettes). Learn how to balance a checkbook. Manage your money. You will have to pay your own bills soon enough.
  7. Get on some sort of fitness routine. You will gain weight after graduation and it will be awful. And if you don’t adopt a routine now, you never will.
  8. Appreciate the friendships you have now. Do your best to maintain them, but understand that some people are not meant to stay in your life for forever. It’s okay to let go.
  9. People get dumped, people get fired, people get sick. Be as carefree as possible for these last few months. Real life is scary. Right now doesn’t have to be.
  10. If you haven’t done this already, stay out all night once. Literally stay out until the sun comes up. Reminisce, shoot the shit, over-eat, and make it a night to remember. What? You think it’s better to sleep? We think you have your whole adult life to sleep.

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