Stunning Portraits of Rare Tribes

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It is hard to imagine life without our trusted WiFi connections, constant interactions with millions online and without a solid roof on our heads. Yet, there are people in this world, belonging to certain tribes, that travel up to five to ten times a year. They build temporary shelters when the weather is cold, and heard deer or other animals for both transportation and as a source of food.

However, such tribes are slowly fading away with time. Jimmy Nelson, a professional photographer undertook a long term project to discover the unique worlds of more than 30 secluded and slowly vanishing tribes from the world.

Spending two weeks with each tribe, Nelson captured the essence of their lives – from their day-to-day habits to their tribal rituals and lifestyles. All of his snap shots have been transformed into a massive book Before They Pass Away, which is soon to be a documentary.

This gallery below shows thirty of the remotest tribes captured by Nelson’s lens.

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