Hope: The Beginning Of The Journey

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Day 1 :


To all those who are reading this, it is your first day towards hope. Which comes right after you feel hopeless. Not knowing where to go or what to do, how to regain the thing that you lost or the thing which you might lose; or when you are in a constant state of worry over the possibility of losing things. What you need is hope and here, I assure you hope is around you. We, on this journey of fifteen days, will find it.

Today, the first step is to think. As it shall give us the power of finding hope. Whenever we start a journey with a destination we think first of the problematic parts of it and then at the good things which proves that we human beings always have a tendency to show our pessimistic side before our optimistic side. Always remember to look at the glass as half full and not as half empty. We can’t change it as it is in our nature but I assure you that together will find a way towards living with it contentedly.

I want you to think of all the happenings so far this year and your reactions towards them. Were they worth all the energy and work you put into them? The funny part of the question I just asked is that it has the answer hidden within itself. Your brain would immediately force you to say that they were not worth all the effort you put into them. Now read the question again and believe in yourself. It states they were worth all of the energy you wasted on them.

Now let’s make our minds go towards the positive side. Whether the year which just passed by was a mess or the best, either way you have learned a lot. Is what you have just learned more expensive than the energy you just wasted on it? The answer is yes. Rejoice in whatever you have learned and trust me it will help us in this splendid journey of finding hope. Whatever you have gone through in the span of your life the reason you are still alive is your survival instinct. If you were not blessed with the ability to think for yourself you would not be alive right now. What my point will be for the next fourteen keep your thinking two sided that is negative as well as positive and we together will go through this journey with the thinking power of finding hope.


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