Hope : Believing In Your Self-Worth

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Day 2

Sink In Worth, Quit Complaining

Yesterday all of us utilized our time to think beyond whatever we saw the day before. Yes we looked on all of the issues in a different manner. When we looked inside the glass we tried to concentrate on the optimistic side, that is, looking it as half full and on the negative.

First things first the hopelessness you are feeling is due to a thing which is very common in all of us and that thing is complaining. We have a tendency to complain if something does not go according to our desires. The irony is that we spend more time complaining even if one little thing goes wrong rather than using that same energy in finding a solution. More importantly you shouldn’t waste time and energy in crying over what is now in the past. Remember there’s no point in crying over spilt milk.

Moreover today we shall look at ourselves and be celebrating you. Yes, you. Dr. Suess once said, “Today you are you and that is truer than true. There is no one alive you is youer than you.”

The topic makes it clear that today we are talking about your self-worth. Before that I want to know the most worthwhile thing you own. What could it be? Your phone? Your car? Your house? The laptop you bought on lease and finally is yours? Your bank account?

Moreover, if you are a workaholic your choice would be work. If you are married you would say your family. If you didn’t exist then all these things wouldn’t have been yours. You are the most worthy thing around. You are defined by your worth. If you didn’t have your worth you never would have gotten all the things that you have. Whatever you own or used to own was because of your efforts. You embraced all those things because they are your own and you worked hard to get them.

Today you need to look at yourself from every angle analyze and in no time you will know your true worth. Once you know that the rest ten steps towards finding hope shall not be of any difficulty. Hope comes easily once you believe that you are worthy.

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