Hope : Believe You Can And You’re Halfway There

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Day 5:

So all of a sudden, you feel safer and secure. Do you know the reason? The reason is you are beginning to understand that spark of strength you have inside yourself. Yes, and this year we all must make sure that we will be starting the coming year with a strong belief in strength and trust.

Things happen, people change, environments change. A negative thought which resides in the minds of every one of us. Let me tell you something, nothing really changes the only thing which changes is you.

Why you? This is what your brain is pushing the point to. You change because you went through a dilemma, and you chose to throw all the positivity away and put yourself in the darkest places possible. We will be finding hope in this journey only if we gather the strength around us for picking the positivity up again and placing it back. Just like putting a piece of Lego back to its place when it falls apart.

We won’t be able to pick positivity up until we start trusting ourselves and our surroundings again. We fall apart only when we are sure the situation cannot be dealt with. But the interesting part lies when it cannot be dealt if you are dead. If you even have your last breath the situation which the Supreme One puts in front of you is something He knows you can deal with easily.

Trusting yourself is something important for each step you take. When you lose trust in yourself it’s even worse than staying hungry for 3 days. As when you don’t trust in yourself, you have no idea what are you doing and why. Your mind is simply out of your control.

The motions you play are nothing what you want them to be, you start forgetting the fact that this would definitely waste a little moment of the life you have. As humans we are not even sure what is coming next. What type of circumstances we shall find ourselves in? Whether I will be living the next second? Believe me the day or two-day gap which is given between each step lets me go through Goosebumps. Will i even be able to make myself go through the next step? We are not how many seconds we are here for. So let us at least deal with all the situations with an unbreakable trust in ourselves and I assure you your life in no time will be pure as white as in past four days our lives have turned grey from black. I wonder how quick it shall be You are five steps closer to hope 7 more to go. So from now on start trusting in yourself.

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