The Reunion: Did it hit you, too?

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The recent Google advertisement “Reunion” has become a hit in both India and Pakistan; invoking memories of a shared period in the history of both South Asian neighbours.

The emotional advertisement shows an old man reminiscing to his granddaughter about his days as a youngster before the partition of 1947, when he used to steal sweets from a shop with his Muslim best friend, who was left behind in Pakistan during partition.

Hearing her grandfather’s poignant tale, she uses the search engine to locate his childhood best friend in Pakistan and flies him across the border to reunite the two best friends.

The ad struck a chord in both India and Pakistan, where memories of the partition are still bitterly fresh among the older generation and have also been a source of strife between both countries. While the idea was certainly risky, as the historic period is one of the roots of animosity between the two nations and has even led to a nuclear arms race, it has doubtless given Google a strong edge.

It was also a wonderful way of tapping into the newer generation’s wary approach regarding post-partition feelings on both sides.

“I think the ad is simply wonderful,” said Sundus Amjad, Business Manager at The Joint. “It struck an emotional chord with the people; actually made me cry. It was a brilliant concept with simple yet amazing execution. Google’s technology brings people, no matter where they are.”

“It was magical. I showed it to my grandfather – and he cried,” said Samia, a student based in Karachi who’s family moved to Pakistan during the partition.

While the advertisement was truly risky, Abhijit Avasthi, the head of Ogilvy India, said that the fact that the partition evokes strong feelings in the people of both countries was the main reason that the idea for the ad was chosen.

Google’s Reunion adds a soft touch to an otherwise mundane search engine, suggesting that strong friendships can be further strengthened by allowing users to easily find and connect with their loved ones across the globe.

No matter how long it has been since you last set eyes on a loved one – and no matter where you are –  you can now connect with them by using Google’s fast search engine. Friends are literally just a click away.

So, how many friends have you found?




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