A Hurt Little Girl

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You’re like the river that flows so strong

Accepting everything that comes along

From the rocks in its path

To the fishes that swim against its current

The pebbles that lie on the river bed….

And the branches that are swept along.


You break away the vines

That hide all the hurt inside

This glass house of ire and lies

Is falling to bits as love fells it from the skies.


There is blood everywhere

The blood of evil dreams

The blood of vengeance;

Of pain long put to sleep.


Do not tell me to forgive

I have lived with this hate too long.

I’ll pay them back; you’ll see.

It’s been too long to just let go and move on.


This hurt little girl inside

Smiles at the world in which she resides

All the while biding her time

Working toward one path all her life


This hate that consumes her like a flame inside

Burns as bright as ever

Struggling to arise

Yet she keeps it at bay

For right time to strike shall soon arrive


And when it does

Blood will fall

And the screams will echo the halls

While her vengeance makes the angles weep tears of blood from the skies..



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