The Colors To Go For This Fall

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And it’s that time of the year again, when all of us have raided the end-of-season sales at stores, leaving our purses light and our wardrobes full. Alas, but then we realize that the season has just changed. All those purchased dresses are packed and put away without even being touched, with the hope that they might be worn the next season. Fall has arrived, and everyone is thinking of going back to dull colors again, but this season, ladies, the times have changed! We have the fall fashion filled with boldness, brightness and life; three words with vast meanings, indeed. It’s up to you to wear tights or loose falling cuts, but you have to look bold!

The top ten colors which are the MUST-HAVES this seasons are:

  1. Think Pink: Pink, the color of feminism, is so IN this season! Try to play with the extremes: the lightest shade or the brightest one! But remember to fuse it with something that makes the outfit stand out.
  2. Don’t Forget Black: The immortal Black is the essence of fall clothing! Just stay away from the Matte shades, and compliment your outfits with a black leather jacket or other leather accessories. And remember: for formal dressing, black is, was, and will always remain the best color to wear!
  3. Keep Purple: Purple is also the color to throw on this season! Complimenting your neutral outfits with something purple will add the WOW factor to your dress-ups.
  4. Try Emerald: Only the very elegant can carry the delightful Emerald well. Not telling you to be Miss Emerald this season, but it is definitely not a bad idea to use it somewhere in the dresses which are bright, but still require some enhancing factors.
  5. Also Try Beige: The color gives such a calming effect to your eyes and makes the glittery stuff shine a little less. It’s a good thing to have Beige in your closet, as there are times when you may want to add a dull tinge to your outfit. And fall is the season of dullness anyways!
  6. Don The Red: Red will forever, remain the most attractive color! If you want to draw the spotlight to yourself in gatherings and parties, Red is the shade for you. So use it as much as you can, wherever you can, and as well as you can. Plus, it goes with Black!
  7. Don’t Shed Yellow: ‘And it was all Yellow’ goes a Coldplay song I can’t remember the name of. That’s how it is this fall, with Yellow being the next ‘spotlight color’ after Red, as it stands imperative to fall fashion, depicting dullness and brightness at the same time. Use the right shades, and dazzle everyone!
  8. Hang On To Blue: Hang on to it, like glue. Because, like Black, Blue is an eternal color, and is particularly preferred by men. So, use the powder blue, that is, the brighter shades of the color to bring out the best of your looks.
  9. Integrate The Pastels: Pastels make you dazzle! To give a sober look to all the funky colors you will wear this season, try mixing them up with pastel-colored bright accessories.
  10. Bring Back Grey: Grey is the color which is meant to be for fall! Fuse your grey tops with the dirty yellow and believe you, me, the outfit will look just perfect!

And so, these are the colors of the season. Use them appropriately! Look bright, look colorful, and look dashing. Good luck with dressing up well, ladies!

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