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New York and dragons. Muggles and Wizards. Potterheads all around the world – including myself – have been fan-girling over the fact that J.K. Rowling has announced that she is working on a new movie series which will bring back the magical world of Harry Potter. Talk about rebirth.

According to Rowling on her Facebook page, “I always said that I would only revisit the wizarding world if I had an idea that I was really excited about and this is it.”

Just when we thought we wouldn’t be getting any more of our Harry Potter “fixes” as I like to call them, the Queen herself revives the whole franchise with the announcement. No one is a stranger to the name J.K. Rowling. With one of the largest franchises and an avid fandom, she is both a popular and a beloved author in all corners of the world.

Rowling not just created a whole generation of “Potterheads” by writing about a world that provided an escape to every person who learned of it, she also positively influenced the dying trend of reading amongst children since her first Harry Potter book was published.

This will be her debut as a screen writer but man, aren’t we excited?! Her story of rising to fame isn’t news to anyone. The Harry Potter series has gained worldwide recognition since it was first published in the 90’s (yes, we’re old!) having won multiple book and movie awards and have sold over 400 million copies and is presently translated into 65 languages and this has turned her into the world’s first author billionaire.

Rowling has also penned an adult novel, Casual Vacancy, as well a crime fiction novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, under a pseudonym Robert Galbraith which is the first book of its series. She is not only an influential author but is an amazing human being as well. She was named “Most Influential Woman in Britian” by leading magazines in October 2010 and is also known for her support for charitable works as a notable philanthropist.

Moving to the movie she’s working on; it’s based on the text book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and will be featuring the book’s fictitious author and magical zoologist, Newt Scamander.

Yes, this is the same book that Harry and his friends studied in their first year at Hogwarts. Imagine 1920’s: prohibition, jazz, gangsters and New York – with wizards and witches. One of the greatest eras, one of the greatest cities – with wizards – is rather a way for Rowling to expand the world she had originally created.

Even with most of the present cast of Harry Potter not being in the movie, the fandom all around the world can hardly wait to see the new cast and get emotionally attached to them once again, though we might get to see a few of the old ones like Voldemort a.k.a. The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Albus Dumbledore.

Rowling says, “It all started when Warner Bros. came to me with the suggestion of turning ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ into a film. I thought it was a fun idea, but the idea of seeing Newt Scamander, the supposed author of ‘Fantastic Beasts’, realized by another writer was difficult. Having lived for so long in my fictional universe, I feel very protective of it and I already knew a lot about Newt. As hard-core Harry Potter fans will know, I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood.”

One of the most notable things about Newt is that he had been the Headmaster at Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which also means that he would have had some connection with Albus Dumbledore.

Even more exciting for the fans all around the world is the fact that since the movie would not be set in Europe, we might get to see an entirely new side of the Wizarding community. In the books, we have majorly seen the careers of most wizards were with the Ministry of Magic.

With the story setting in a completely new place, we might get to see a new culture, new rules, and a whole new world of wizards. We all have noticed the prejudices in Harry’s world, but there was fair balance because of the active awareness. The 20’s would obviously not have been the same.

As Rowling turns back time, the backwardness of social issues and injustice would be visibly prevalent, and let’s not forget for even for a second the prejudice for Half Breeds like the Wizards, Witches and even Gaints and others.

Everyone is bubbling with predictions.

With that being said the Harry Potter fandom cannot wait for this further expansion of the Wizarding World. Some fandoms never die and thanks to J.K. Rowling this is the One-Who-Lived.

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