Girls, This Is Your Time! – Levi’s Event Draws Spotlight

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They say there are two things a woman loves doing. Whining about how little clothes and jewelry she’s got. And going shopping for them. Hey, its them! ‘They say’, not me! Anyways, last Sunday, the world-renowned clothing chain Levi’s set about proving the at least the latter part of the aforementioned statement to be true.

‘Girls! This is your time!’ was an exclusively-for-ladies Levi’s event on 7th July 2013, that featured unbelievable sale discounts ranging from 50 to as low as 70 percent on women products which included clothing, shoes and accessories from the alluring Levi’s Summer ’13 collection. And when I say exclusively for ladies, I mean it literally. No men were allowed inside the outlet during the course of the event, as the women attempted to realize all their shopaholic fantasies in one evening.

The discounts, although only available at the M. M. Alam Road Flagship store, were offered during handy hours from one in the afternoon right untill just before Iftar. Bearing in mind that it was a Sunday, the turnout was amazing as the highly efficient Levi’s staff (all female, of course) had their hands full, serving refreshments to the shoppers and helping them choose the right products. Measurements were taken, outfits were tried on and the customers made sure whatever they bought was their money’s worth.

Besides the discounts, there were other excitements on offer too as the store had put up a number of juicy deals to make sure they had their clientage’s attention. Discount Vouchers for future purchases in the store, as well as The Body Shop or for a haircut from the renowned stylist Natasha Saigol were given out to customers who made sizable purchases, who went away more than happy with what they had got in return for their cash.

It would not be unfair to state that a replay of any such event in the future will draw even more numbers of the fairer sex. With the season of festivities beckoning, this reporter is sure that the ladies are looking forward to more of these affairs already!

A special thanks to Pitch Media Inc.
Photography: Amna Qamar for Levi’s®
Event Partners: Depilex, The Body Shop & Natasha Saigol.

Sarah, Sarah & Hira

Tanya & Fatima (2)

Sahar Najam & Natasha Saigol

L to R - Iqra, Mouzzama, Warda & Huma

Iram & Hira Fahad

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