Fifty Lashes for the Agent – HANG the Traitor

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“Fifty lashes for the agent and hang the traitor while you’re at it!”

Rings any bells? Its something we hear too often these days. Labeling people as traitors and accusing the of being agents is not a new thing in our country. It is as old as the subcontinent itself. And in the olden ages, they literally did hang the traitors. Not that they don’t now – but now, it has become a wee bit complicated. Firstly, now EVERYONE seems to be a traitor or an agent to us. And secondly, the campaigning and maligning is left to the mass social media, so clearly dishing out the death sentence is not that feasible as before.

I shall not be using names not only because that makes it complicated but also I cannot specify how many I can name. More importantly we are people who feed on controversy and well, lest they be destroyed by gluttony. But it doesn’t end there. If controversy has made us addicted to it, then it is nothing compared to how inane it has made us all. How terribly inane, hungry and divided.

Imagine this: Anyone who has done something exceptional gets a hot rod served by us. A million people find nothing better to do, and go to the ends of the world to bring them down. Not knowing how to do–or what to say but they do it. And that is not it. They feel it obligatory to make sure that a person who believes otherwise gets a piece of their good mind.

Why? Perhaps because we simply can not imagine a person–ANY PERSON–who can choose to be a puppet of manipulation in the working hands of a heinous master. We lack the stamina to believe and accept that anyone can go ahead and sign a deal with the devil. We can not think that how can anyone defy simple laws of a pure land and go rogue.

Yes! We can not think hence we choose to remain simpletons. The plight is; we can not see someone stand up for themselves. We can not imagine someone else standing up for their cause. It embarrasses us or maybe it distresses us. Maybe it scares us. So we decide, ‘It’s an act of treachery; A moral degeneration’.

How DARE they think for themselves and have the guts to say it out loud. How dare they! The easier way out of this is, of course, organizing a blame game. So we call them *agents* and *traitors* or *infidels*. We say that they have an agenda which was given to them by the U.S or the Jews or the Indians. And in doing all of this–common sense escapes us, never to return again.

Is all of it a smoke screen, our behavior? fact is that we are all delusional and in a state of a denial. And why are we so proud of this fact? Why does simple acknowledgment or acceptance of a fact that someone is better than us at something bother us so much?

But what matters right. We can say whatever we want as long as we don’t have to say it out loud and as long as it doesn’t make a difference.. So the only eligible thing for us to say is “Fifty lashes…..And HANG THE INFIDELS*

Try saying something worthy of saying out loud without attracting a dozen flies and that would be the end of the world. A steady round of applause if you please.

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