The Joomi Experience- A Wordless Ecstasy

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One thing this new age of technology has done to us simpler beings, is made us reach a new high in boredom. And it was this boredom which brought me to the music of ‘The Joomi Experience’ one fateful morning. And since I am a zealot when it comes to music,especially Psychedelic and Post Rock or anything near these two genres, I instantly became, well pardon the cliche, hooked.

The Joomi Experience, a local underground band based in Karachi, which deals purely in ‘experimental psychedelic music with electronic influences’, believes that one does not always require words or lyrics to get it all out of the system. And that is all their music is about.

I did some catching up with the two band members, that is, Mohammed Ali Suhail and Zain ulAbedien. Zain lives in Windsor, while Ali rocks it up in Karachi. Now this isn’t a regular interview, but I did my best to cover the band.

Nevertheless, I will quote some of the stuff the guys from TJE had to say. I asked them exactly what TJE is all about and how the idea of forming a band came through.Here is what they had to say, and I quote,

“When I (Ali) got tired of making songs that make sense or had to follow some rules, I made Joomi music. It started off when Zain called one day and described this music that was playing in his head and I was recording his ideas side by side and sent it to him. That song was Heartbeat, which started off Joomi, I guess. Neither of us know what Joomi means! I had a guy called Jooni who ran a bicycle repair shop near my house when I was growing up. I thought it would be funny if we named this project after him! Zain thought it’d be even cooler if it was ‘Joomi’, instead of ‘Jooni’, and we decided to stick with that. The experience in itself is whatever you make of it (or something like that?). I’m not sure what you wanted so, there you go (^_^) .”

One thing that may strike us all odd would be that Ali and Zain live poles apart, and yet they make music ‘together’? That confusion was cleared, when they answered another question I put up to them,

“We have been in school together since grade 9. We usually just talk over Skype about the ideas, but we work pretty much individually. Unless we have very specific ideas, Zain is more into the electronic vibe and I (Ali) more into the analog rock vibe.”

Everyone has a source of inspiration and when I asked them what/who was theirs, they had to say the following,

“It’s usually just an idea, like a riff or a baseline or a beat that shapes itself in the mind, and if it’s good enough to carry itself forward than it pretty much just shapes itself. Specific bands would be too hard to name because we really didn’t want to sound like anything else with this. I suppose that’s slightly impossible now a days! But you know, our state of mind while writing something is actually like the key inspiration itself. *deep baaten*”

They may be an odd pair, but they happen to be very talented, (read Multi-talented) because Ali also happens to be a part of Jumbo Jutt and SikandarkaMandar as well.

Not a lot of folks out there like, or come across this genre of music, but believe me it is one of a kind and an out of the world music experience! Ever come across that weird mood when you can’t express what you feel through words? Well, TJE is all about that. Where words fail, sounds deal with it.

These guys work with instruments, electric and bass and everything nice! What is amazing is that they are among the first bands to bring forth, in Pakistan the genre of post rock and psychedelic rock. Let me put it this way, it is more like a realm of wordless ecstasy where sound will collide and re-collide with the auditory system making the listener bewildered and provide a more intense experience!

TJE have a total of 30 tracks on Soundcloud which you can explore!

They have a list of songs that are beyond awesome. (And on a personal note don’t forget to check out Euphoria Crashing.) The Joomi Experience is the music of the future, or rather an escape to the future.

And that is not all, the amazing cover art that goes with their music is almost prodigious! For which Zain ulAbedien should be acknowledged.

The side note of their page on Soundcloud says something very, very profound. Put in by the band,I just couldn’t resist quoting it,

“You know that moment when matter dematerialize and the fabric of reality slightly shifts and we all turn into mere thoughts. That has nothing to do with anything. It’s all in the mind and so are we.”

SO for all the JOOMIS’ out there, TJE is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Here is where you can find them: (

You can also find them on Facebook.


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