Life: An Unpredictable Yet Precious Journey

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“It all happened in a split second. There were jokes and future contemplation in our talks, and in a flash, our heartbeats stopped. It was overwhelming – darkness and confusion overtook my judgment. When I regained my senses, I saw one of my arms wrapped around my brother and the other out-stretched in the direction of my friend.

A tragedy had struck us in an eye-blinking moment as a trolley drove into our car destroying every hindrance it could find. There were blurred images of people gathering as I heard ambulance sirens. I tried to scream but no voice came out. I couldn’t feel the pain of my ripped open arm which was still wrapped around my brother. I remember us being held out of the car and onto the ambulance. I tried to make sure my brother and friend were still breathing. As I lost conscience, I saw glimpses of us smiling and just – together. Surgeries were performed during the following days. Luckily, me and my brother were out of danger, but my friend had sustained severe injuries and was in a coma. I wasn’t prepared to let go of my friend – a young Army Major, happily married, living in a beautiful home with two little kids. I was happy and grateful when I finally saw him recovering. Little did I know that it was just a surge of good health before his condition deteriorated beyond any hope of survival. I saw him as he took his last breaths and left the world, peacefully. It was a hard reality – one which was impossible to accept. Life is so brief and unpredictable.”

Accidents happen very frequently and tend to change one’s life in a split second. They can have a significant psychological impact on the survivors. Therapy from family and peers is suggested to help the survivors in coping up with the tragedy. It is effective as long as the victims are themselves willing to be healed. Many undergo a severe psychological trauma, fearing that life will never be the same again.

Life is too short and unpredictable. It has so much to offer, but alas, time is insufficient. Tragedies strike people almost every day and only a few get the chance to live again. The loss of a loved one is massive but life has to continue. Mental healing, however, is not possible unless all emotional and psychological issues are dealt with. Flashback memories of the accident and life before the tragedy can be overwhelming, but it is all a part of the normal healing process.

People may leave the world but their memories should be cherished in a blissful manner. Life is an opportunity to do what your heart desires, hence, it should be benefited from. The challenges, tragedies, and sorrows should be confronted with patience. Life is what guides one on the path to regain that once lost strength to cope up with what may seem impossible. Letting go of some unpleasant memories doesn’t denote a loss or defeat rather it signifies open-mindedness and confidence about the future.

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