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So it’s 23rd March and as much as I’ve loved to write a heartwarming post on the Lahore resolution, our country and its struggle butlet’s face it, Pakistan has seen better days; heck it has seen a better brand of people and politicians. And as we continue to spiral downward, with the drone attacks ripping us apart, the economy deteriorating and corruption eating away all that’s left of the country, let’s just pass on the statuses and resolve to something real.

So in case you have been living under a rock or something, you probably know that elections are up in a few weeks. Resolve to vote. And don’t just vote for the person your friends/family support, read up on the manifesto, do your research. Do it like there are lives on stake. You owe it to your country. You owe it to every person that lost a loved one to terrorism. You owe it to the people who stand guard for this country wishing there were better decision makers. For once the ball is in your court, make it count.

Things look bleak now, but we as a nation have toughed out disasters before. And as easy as it is to lose faith right now, we have to believe in change, now more than ever. And regardless of what happens in the next few months. Let’s resolve to be better Pakistani’s, better humans. It’s when we are cornered that we come together, and that’s when we are the strongest.

Long Live Pakistan. Ameen.

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