Dare to go against the tide – IBLC 5.0 Now Registering!

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IBLC, is back with a WAVE (and a bang!). On successfully completing half a decade of producing and honing young leaders, this year IBA LeadershOp Conference  5.0 brings you something that you have never witnessed before. To use the cliché: It is Bigger and Better, but Different! It DARES you to think. Trains you. And Equips you! For what you ask? To go Bar Khilaaf-e-Mauj – Against The Tide.

Winners do not surrender to the difficulties of life but rather rekindle the flame of hope and inspiration. The theme Bar Khilaaf-e-Mauj says a lot about the concept behind the Mega Conference. It’s all about daring, challenging traditions, and being brave enough to stand out amidst a crowd of 180 million clones. The aim is to teach the youth of today that they are not ordinary people capable of little but are extraordinary individuals who have the power to be the drivers of change, to transform themselves and all that is around them as it stands today amidst social, economic and political disarray into individuals who have the power to lead, move against the tide of setbacks and emerge successful.

To promote their cause, Team IBLC set an example itself of Going Against the Tide. On Thursday, December 20th IBA inmates were all stunned. Literally. As the clock struck 1, IBAians walking past the Foyer were baffled as a shrill whistle sounded, that worked like magic, casting a stunning spell (for all Harry Potter fans out there :D) on all those around. People froze in mid-activity. Some on the phone, one trying to strangle his friend, another pointing out at someone in the distance, while yet others could be seen in groups half way through their speech – with their mouths hilariously open! It was a Launch unlike any IBA had witnessed before. And only because change cannot be brought about by anyone unless he/she is willing to change himself first; so, we changed and set an example. All those who stood, or sat, frozen were essentially not going with the flow. They stood out. They looked different with the dark black shades on, standing still in the moving crowd. The more mischievous people tried to pull pranks on the poor statue-ed ones while others walked past, amazed… All that mattered at the time? Our mission was accomplished.

But hey wait. It doesn’t end here. When the crowd unfroze, loud, enthusiastic, melodious sounds of ‘Ae jazba junoon tu himmat na haar’ broke out creating a truly electrifying atmosphere – contagious, even. With the humming still on, the crowd of about a hundred and fifty team members proceeded to gather at a common place – showing unity as a Nation should – and finally concluded the Launch with thunderous chants of “We will Rock you”, synched claps echoing in between.

IBLC 5.0 promises all this and a lot more. We aim to develop and hone leaders of tomorrow in four days of grueling, fun-filled yet learning-based activities and awe-inspiring motivational speakers who bring out the best in you! We don’t believe that Leadership is an innate trait strictly; it is true for some, while for others can easily be learned if there’s a will. IBLC provides a platform for such youth – those aspiring to transform and lead, and those crazy enough to think that they actually can turn the dismal state of affairs of Pakistan around. As the saying goes, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” You have to be crazy to Go Against the Tide. Join us at the IBLC this January (23rd-27th) to go crazy and be a part of this WAVE! :)

Register at iblcfive.org to be a part of IBLC 5.0. Hurry! Registrations are only open till 12th January.

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