Youth – Building Blocks of a Nation

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Youth is that clay which can be molded in either shape one wants. I believe, this is the sole reason for both exploitation and utilization of the youth in the destruction and construction of any nation respectively. It is a fact that, a nation’s building is highly dependent on the youth. The youth is a powerful resource, which can either construct or destruct the whole nation. Hence, it is crucial that the youth take a step forward and take on the responsibility in developing the nation.

Many of the educated youth have realized the necessity of utilizing their skills for the betterment of the society but at the same time, the youth is also misguided to a larger extent by some evil sources making them irresponsible towards the society they live in.

It is pathetic but true that due to many problems that exist in today’s world, youth is highly intrigued by evil sources. As a result, there is wide-spread destruction. It is true that, youth is highly amendable, and one must show the guts to take up the challenge to guide the youth to the right path as our great Quaid and other eminent leaders have done in the past.

Luxuries, evil habits and societal commitments attract the youth and in search of these things, the youth is losing its identity and goals.

I am fully aware of the Pakistani Society and Culture, where parents do not wish to see their children working, as they think that, at least their children must not suffer. It is one point of view, where parents think of their children’s growth in every aspect but on the other hand, those very children are becoming dependent on their parents, and will never wish to work towards attaining self-reliance. It not only highlights the laziness of the youth but also the irresponsible behavior towards their country.

It is appalling to see the steps or direction being taken by the youth in order to attain luxuries: corruption, treachery, plagiarism, etc.  All of this is proves that Modern Education ruins Moral Education. People today are completely neglecting values and ethics and ruining the moral education they had learned in their childhood while attaining modern education. This may be the cause of the elderly residing mostly in old age homes, children in orphanages, homes for the destitute, single-parent families, and women and men in jails. It’s time that the Youth take necessary steps and find new methods or revive old methods to avoid the above problems.

Evil habits have become a norm in today’s world. It is impossible for anyone to escape from these until and unless they have the will power to control themselves. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, undesirable sexual activities etc., all hinder nation building. If the youth gets addicted to any of these activities, one can easily predict that, the destruction has started at an individual and a national level.

It is not only necessary for the youth to protect our country at the borders but also protect the citizens from internal demons and hence work towards making the society a healthy place to live in.

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