Shatter II

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She was staring into nothingness pondering upon the uncertainty that would prevail for the next few days. Anxiety was running through her veins. She was surrounded by excitement; people murmuring, what sounded like distinct voices. Sometimes laughing and cheering and sometimes just sharing thoughts. Her mind couldn’t have been more occupied when all of a sudden a hand appeared in front of her.


Said the person with his hand extended. His face was familiar. She shook his hand. She couldn’t help but notice the excitement on his face. It was though he was bursting with surplus energy. Crazy, she would call him, crazy like someone else whom she loved dearly.

“You’ve grown so much”

He said with an obvious hint of sarcasm in his voice. This would spark a fury in her. She need not be reminded of her abridged height. At least she was cute that way.

She had no idea that they would become such good friends over the course of just a few days.

“Thank you”

She would reply – with a smile that would only add to her beauty. She worked charms on him but he was not the one. She had already chosen the man worthy of her companionship.

“He is the nicest guy.”

She would share with him to which he would not respond. His silence bothered her, he was her best friend. She was like a painting he had all figured out; and he looked at her with such warmth that it would spark a “don’t look at me like that” from her. This response would make him look away though his lips would, most certainly, curl into a contented smile.

He was safe, but he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with. Little did she know, what all was broiling in the deep chambers of his mind. By the time she realized, it was too late; a little too late.

Key words: love, oblivion, late

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