Raven, Eagle, Horse and Whale

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This is a piece taken from the author’s blog (http://soul93.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/542/)
I want to share this piece with people who have the insight and who can read between the lines

There is a world out there.

A huge division, with people in it and a part of it.

And birds and animals, and sun and stars, and there is the moon!

Green grass and blue skies, which change color. And rain!

And there is fantasy, but it is perfect.

And in the world, there are cars and buildings and food and lights.

And murder and bloodshed and riots and heartbreak.

Then, there are airplanes and ships and fish.

And poets and artists and actors and singers and dancers.

Then teachers and students and lawyers and politicians and businessmen.

And then there are homeless people too.

Sounds and music.

The Raven was flying high above and he asked the Eagle, “Why does all this exist?”

The Eagle answered, “Because it is all real!”

So the Raven flew lower and asked the Horse, “Why does all this exist?”

The Horse said, “So the world won’t be empty.”

But the Raven flew close to the waters and asked the Whale, “Why does all this exist?”

The Whale thought pensively and said, “It exists because it has to.”

Then the Raven went back to its home and said to himself, “But I do not understand what is real. And I am still alone. And what did the Whale mean?”

But the Raven never found the answers. Never understood what was real. Never got what the Whale said. And alone he died.

As it was happening, far away somewhere, I was imagining about a Raven which talked to the Eagle and the Horse and the Whale!

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