Mardana Kamzori, a Struggle of Emotional Ideology

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In Islam, the Holy Quran clearly proclaims, “Women have been created out of man’s rib” – this is often used only when it comes to the relegation of women’s stature in a society, but it can also be inferred conversely that there should be at least some of the woman’s characteristics in the man’s persona. Agreed? There are some lineaments that make men so similar to women, particularly their parallel emotions and sentiments. Now, at this point I want to make my purpose clear – this entire article is not superficial and simple. It talks about something unique and rarely heard of: Ek mard ki kamzori- feelings, emotions, and sentiments are also weaknesses of men just like our Sinf-e-Nazuk, Khawateen (women).

“The times I spend with you had some thorns, but the times I missed you had no roses.” – Gopinathan K

It has always been said that men are less sensitive and emotional than women so they are not be capable of any compassion and kindness. Experience demonstrates that if you have found a truly loving and a sincere man, you’re as lucky as one in a hundred because it has usually been seen that when a man loves someone, he does so from his heart and everything he does or says is genuine, honest, and indubitable. Depression, desolation and dejection – these terms are not only made for women. In fact, if you recognize a truly caring man with the feeling of love, honesty, and sincerity, you found all these aspects in his day-to-day dealings. It is right that men do not illustrate their insecurities, doldrums or pains easily, but that does not mean they are cold-blooded and mechanical. Egoism is common among men and this amplifies their inner twinge and grief after losing a loved one or being in a crucial, complicated situation with one.

He cried, he prayed, he exclaimed, he wished, he craved for his loved one, maybe in the obscurity of the night and maybe he hid his woes behind a smile. Things usually are not the way we think; there is always a deeper story to strong men, often a heartbreaking or shocking one. People shouldn’t  assume that men are less sentimental, heartless beings as compared to women, without examining their feelings for loved ones. Nonetheless, every man is somewhere and somehow a loving, affectionate, and devoted individual. Feelings, emotions, and sentiments are also a Mardana Kamzori – that is the intricate reality.

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