Create An Impact With The Right Colors!

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A few years ago, if I had walked up to a friend of mine saying that I wanted to buy a pair of purple jeans, she  probably would have given me a look of disdain and told me that I was free to wear them if I wanted to look like a freak, but today if I say the same thing, I know for a fact that her reply would be something along the lines of  “you still haven’t gotten purple jeans? Don’t just get purple now! You definitely have to try yellow, pink, turquoise, green as well!”
It may not appeal to some but in my opinion these colors look amazing, only if paired with the right kind of top. Don’t wear a bright red top with green jeans, I mean it’s a fashion statement, not Christmas, sweetheart.
The other day I saw a girl wearing Tiffany blue skinny jeans with a white and black stripped t-shirt, it might not make sense to you but it looked amazing, maybe if she had accessorized it with some  gold bangles, it would have added this glamorous look to it. Another day, I saw a girl wearing a long royal blue super loose kameez with printed tights (they had a ribbon like print, and each ribbon  – let’s say had a different color ranging from beige to brown to red) and it looked awful.  I mean not that I want to rain on someone’s parade (OhEmGee, I ,look fab in my royal blue shirt and ribbon tights. NO) but if you want to pair royal blue with something then why not go for just beige, or red, or white, or even baby pink. I know not one of the combinations that I mentioned consisted of a printed tights reference and its only because I don’t like the idea of printed tights or jeans or shalwars, I am aware of them being a trend at one point but I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now.
Why am I against printed tights? Look, prints are complicated to carry off, especially when it comes to legs, you need to be very careful in choosing the right kind of print and then the right kind of top to go with it. The shirt can’t be printed because that would look absurd. Why go through such a hassle? I am pro-plain tights, but for those who like prints and the funky look, make sure whatever print you choose flatters your leg shape, if you have skinny legs, go for bigger prints (flowery ones or fusion prints) if you have jelly bulging out then try smaller prints. Always go for the type of look that flatters your body.
Lets go back to jeans and what goes and what doesn’t. As I have already mentioned, bright red with green is definitely a fashion don’t but how about a red shirt with beige pants or white pants or even brown pants. It takes a lot of thinking to do and a lot of trial and error before you get to the perfect shirt. You have to take out time to actually sit and think ,and then experiment with different colors but I guess that’s what we girls love to do. It’s all about looking good and fashionable. So go to Zainab Market or Debenhams (crazy sale going on) and buy yourself a nice pair of colored pants (Please, no black or blue. Try to be a little creative with your color choice) and start mixing and matching. Maybe I’ll be writing about you the next time. Till then, have a colorful life.
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