How to control your anger before it controls YOU

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Sound familiar, does it? Maybe you had a bad day, or didn’t get what you expected, or a loved one hurt you, or you failed at something; all these lead to the above mentioned phrases that we let out in ANGER. Yes my friends, ANGER – The ever-growing evil of society. Anger literally drains oneself and the surroundings of every possible shred of rationality. It clouds your judgment, where nothing seems to go right and you think that raising your voice might solve everything or in some cases physical lashing out on a person or thing. Here are a few pointers to help curtail your anger.

  1. Most importantly – It is okay to be angry.
  2. Write down what you’re feeling, all that rambling up in your head needs to be sorted before it’s resolved.
  3. Share. There’s always that one person you want to talk to when things go bad.
  4. Redirect all that energy. Get yourself a punching bag, or scream as loud as you can, laugh or cry; burn it all off.
  5. Count your blessings. Sometimes knowing what you have helps you get perspective.
  6. Relax. Whatever helps you relax, prayer, sleep, a happy memory, music?
  7. Words to avoid: NEVER and ALWAYS. Phrases like ‘this will never work’ and ‘this always fails’ defy positive thinking which in turn frustrates you and prevents you from solving the issue.
  8. Don’t hide your hurt behind your anger. Express it.
  9. Learn to face your problems rather than exasperating over a solution.
  10. Hold your horses. Don’t rush to answer if in an argument. Simply put, think before you speak and DO NOT FORGET TO LISTEN.
  11. Breathe a little, crack a joke or two in a tense situation.
  12. Know that you are not above anyone. Therefore, there is no ‘I’. Before you demand something think about how you would feel if you were at the receiving end.
  13. Give yourself a little break. Step out from your room, go for a walk. Think. Reflect. TALK TO YOURSELF, it’s not crazy!
  14. AVOID all things and people who annoy you. No need to go looking for trouble.

To sum up, you can’t control the events that happen around you and as much as we all like having power over people we can’t really control them either, all you can do is control yourself. Command your emotions. Take charge of your own actions and try not to let petty little issues build up on you.

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