A Father – An Angel

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I haven’t come across any article written on fathers throughout my life. My reading may be limited on this, but one thing I can say for sure is that I haven’t read even a single piece written to pay tribute to fathers.

Now let’s see, what does a Father stand for:

F – Firm like a tree. He does everything with complete commitment and determination. No matter how many ups and downs come in his way, he stands by us like a tree.

A – Abba Jaan. Abbu. Dad. Daddy. No matter what you may call him, he always replies with a smile on his face, and says: ‘Jee beta’.

T – Tolerant and trustworthy. Nobody else in this world is as tolerant and trustworthy as a father.

H – Honorable. Honest. Humble. The moment your father says ‘Jee beta’ on your call, is what defines his humbleness.

E – Excellent and eager. He is eager to teach his children what he has learnt throughout his life.

R – Respected and reliable. Remember the times when you felt lonely after failing an exam or having a fight with a friend, etc? He hugged you to make you feel comfortable. We always tell him our problems because we rely on him the most.

I might not have been able to express what a Father stands for properly, but I couldn’t find better words to express the greatness of a father. The moment we open our eyes in this world, we hear so many voices around us, but among those voices, there is a unique and special voice. That voice is none other than a father’s whose happiness becomes evident in his voice. He gets happy because he has been blessed with a child; a child who grew up and is now reading this article years later. :)

Have we ever thought about things like, what if we were not taught and educated, would we have been able to read this article? Who was the one person behind our schooling and nourishment along with our mother? Of course, none other than our beloved fathers.

A father sacrifices his time for us. He spends numerous days and nights working only for our comfort. He eats at dhabaaz so we may eat in 5 star hotels and expensive fast food chains. He uses a simple mobile phone so that we may have iPhones and Blackberries. He uses an old PC so we may have laptops. He wears inexpensive dresses so that we may wear branded ones. These cases may not apply to everyone, but we certainly can’t ignore the fact that our fathers sacrifice their favorite belongings for us.

If a mother is the heaven, then a father is the key to that heaven. If a mother is the shadow, then a father is the tree. If a mother is the moon, then a father is the breeze. If a mother is the ocean, then a father is the bay of that ocean that protect it. If a mother’s love is interest-free, then a father’s love is also free from all materialism. Both are an important part of our lives, and we, indeed, are incomplete without even one of them.

A father is like an angel sent from heaven. Indeed, we are blessed to have an angel around us who fulfills all our wishes and brings a smile to our faces. Usually, we observe our fathers not expressing their feelings, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have emotions. It is only because tears don’t come out easily from them. They don’t let their tears fall in front of their children because they don’t want to see them get hurt. How many of us have ever realized this: Who is there for us when our mother is away? Of course, our beloved father.

Someone once said that a father is someone who holds our hand and makes sure we do what our mother tells us to do. He holds back our tears when we are sick and brushed our hair when we were little kids. He lets us eat ice-creams for breakfast, but only when our mother is away. He walks his daughter down the aisle, and then when she is scared of walking away with strangers, he tells her: Don’t worry, my child, everything is going to be okay. :)

Remember, if your dad weeps over you, it is because he loves you deeply. Never say anything harsh to him that may hurt him. A father is, indeed, a respectable, loving, and a caring personality who completes us and our lives. Respect him. Love him. And above all, care for him.

He is the one person who is always there to feed us, reassure us, comfort us, and forgive our mistakes. Despite our mistakes, in return, he gives us a tight soothing hug with the belief that we won’t do it again. So, my friends, isn’t it time for us to make this Father’s Day special for our fathers by giving him a tight hug, if nothing else? Just stand up, go and do it now. Truly, no one can take the place of our parents, so honor them with gratitude and don’t forget to value them.

To my father: I, too, would like to give you praise, though a day of celebration is never enough to compensate your sacrifices, is never enough to appreciate you, is never enough to congratulate the man who has dedicated his life to me. Thank you, my Dear Father. I miss you!

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