The Ship of Dreams

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Vacations are always hard on me, for I despise being stuck at home all day with nothing to do except a few daily rituals that just add to the monotony of life. So to save myself from this excruciating boredom, I made some preliminary arrangements that mostly included gathering as much movies as possible for the coming fortnight. Off almost a dozen films lined up in my PC, I started with my absolute favorite movie, Titanic. I have been longing to watch it for days. It seemed ages since I last saw it.

Titanic holds an undeniable magic of keeping the audience hooked until the end. I am not sure about what makes it such a remarkable picture. Whether it is the exquisite ship, a true wonder it was or the stunningly beautiful Rose with the adventurous Jack who believes in “making everyday count” or the insurmountable strength of water demonstrated in the film or the tragic ending to a masterpiece of engineering. Whatever it is, it surely made it a legend. Watching Rose and Jack at the bow of the gigantic ship amid an endless ocean is the most fascinating scene of the film. For me it depicts the height of freedom. And Rose’s fiancé,Cal, he is such a skunk.

When the calamity struck, with water gripping everything in its endless depths, the watching hearts beat faster and faster as if they also fear being drowned in a sea of ice-cold water any minute. Every time I watch Titanic it is a sizzling experience but it also leaves me grave at heart because of the tragic fate it met.

Despite the exciting voyage the film provides to its viewers, it also reveals water as a disaster. For some people, the serenity of water acts an emotional solace in the time of stress. They like to visit the seaside and spend hours meditating in front of what they believe to be an epitome for all human sentiments. But this endlessly stretched blue veil, when outraged also holds the ability to engulf and humiliate all our emotions instead of consoling them.

The following day, while surfing the internet I found that Titanic has re-released on April 4th, 2012. It’s been a hundred years since Titanic; the ship of dreams sank in the ocean of despair. But it is surely a treat for all Titanic lovers to watch it, in 3D this time.

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