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A special thanks to Bilal Ahmed for covering the event and making this report possible.

Life can be as beautiful as you want it to be,
Depends on the eyes with which you see,
How would you know which way is right
If you don’t even know where you want to be.

In the modern era, people have become so consumed in their own life that they don’t even bother to pause for a moment and realize what is around them. They would not realize what they actually have is a blessing until they see someone who has nothing at all. They say money cannot buy happiness, then what does? Two college friends had the same question in their minds; the quest for seeking the answer which led them to the thought “HAPPINESS INCREASES WHEN IT IS SHARED”, so why not share happiness? This epiphany was sufficient for Umair Ahmed and Syed Muhammad Baqar to lay a platform for the greatness that emerged as an NGO called ‘Sharing Happiness’.

I got to know about these individuals when I went to visit one of their events; they had organized a carnival at an orphanage called Sirat-ul-Jannah (Stairway to Heaven), which is run by a British lady who is a converted Muslim. She has a complete four floor building in the heart of Defense dedicated to this task where she lives with her family and the under privileged kids. One thing that undoubtedly touched my heart was that I just couldn’t differentiate between her kids and the rest. What I realized when I got to meet Umair, Baqar and the rest of the group was that they were all accountants just trying to make a balance sheet of love, trying their best to make it balance.

So when I asked Umair (CEO of Sharing Happiness) what exactly is Sharing Happiness, he described it in one line “It’s a fraternity not a charity”, Baqar gave it a more descriptive form saying “Sharing Happiness is a nonprofit organization and made up of individuals who recognize the responsibility we have towards orphans, abandoned and homeless children, children with Cancer, Thalassemia and other life threatening diseases. These kind souls don’t need boxes wrapped in red ribbons, what they really want is to be cherished and loved.”  After hearing all this, I couldn’t help but question how did they afford to do all this? Umair replied politely, “For now we get contributions from our friends and family, even I put my own earnings into it, we buy books, clothes and other items for the kids and organize such events for them with the input.”

The event was a complete entertainment package having the elements of fun, music, dance, live band and not to forget juice and candy for the kids. The kids loved dancing and I have to say they were very good at it too. All the courage, boldness and the confidence that I witnessed in these kids’ eyes were just remarkable and all the credit goes to the owner of the orphanage and to these guys. It was a very tough crowd, but the guys did a fantastic job winning the hearts of the kids, and watching those smiles on their face just made it all worth it.

I can already see SHARING HAPPINESS getting bigger and better; with all the hard work, commitment and dedication I saw today the sky is the limit for these individuals. Now, I am just anxiously waiting to see what they would do next.

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