Grief of Heart

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God took special care in sketching the world when He was at work. He built perfect connections and compatibility while creating His wonders on earth. Seven days and earth was formed; a gulp of hot molten crust, a passage of time, and it turned into a portion of perfection, where the sovereign of land was to dominate. The potent ‘Homo Sapiens’ came into being, and hence, life flourished on earth with the forthcoming of Adam and Eve.

A heart was pounding restlessly hinting the sign of life, unaware of secrets to be revealed, and thriving with a spring of aroma, love and scent of life. And then I was born, watching a couple of glittering faces looking my way and the brutal outside world waiting for its prey.

I blinked and felt fortunate to be in the hands of a diva who shared her comforts with me, providing me lavishness, food and drink, to make my spiteful existence meaningful.


A crash and one is in torment. A trauma, ripped, trashed and scratched over the waves of brutal time. What life has to reveal is unfolded over years to come, and then man wanders in deep insanity and lands into a state of schizophrenia.

Drowning in the ocean of guilt and regrets, it continues. Among the winds of time, the righteous of creations is at the stake of mercy of the brutal world, ending in self-asylum, what could better be hiding the revealed, unrevealed in an ocean of deep secrets – if tomorrow comes.

The endless trauma dies with the death of self, and just for the namesake, I call it ‘Grief of Heart’.

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