The Girl Redefining Makeup – Fatima Irfan

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Interview by: Iqra Sajid.
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“Make-up is not about painting your face and slapping a smile on it. It’s about giving an edge to one’s own beauty,” says the twenty-two year old Fatima Irfan – a popular name in the field of beauty and make up.

Fatima Irfan is a young emerging talent, having a passion in facial make up. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in BSc Sociology from an external London Program. She took an initiative to portray her skills and flair through a Facebook page. Fatima is of the opinion that people can’t know whether they’re good or bad unless they show their true potential.

In the beginning of her career, the response had been pretty fast which came as a shock to her. She knew it would be a slow process but her patience paid off. People started acknowledging her work and appreciate her immense talent. It was overwhelming for her to see huge support coming from people. For anyone who has a passion for beauty and make up, this was a bold step to take. During these ups and down, thicks and thins, she has been receiving constant support from her parents, her elder sister Amina, her fiancé Saad, and her cousin Ayesha.

On being asked about the best moment of her professional life so far, Fatima told us that once a girl came up to her, hugged her, saying that she deserved a hug, and that she’s going to be the next Tariq Amin. For Fatima, a few moments could be as priceless as that one.

Fatima was living this passion since childhood. Usually staring at her mother’s bright red colored lipstick during her early years and often used to ask her mother when she would be allowed to wear such make-up. Two years back, she talked to her father regarding taking this as a profession and leaving her education. But for her daughter’s welfare, he did not agree to it. Since then, Fatima has been taking short courses to enhance and polish her talent.

Fatima started off with a small setup in her home. She will be investing more once she starts getting regular clientele. Certainly, this is going to take some time. At this young age, it would be difficult for her to start-up a salon on a large-scale.

Fatima learnt from her sister that treating the skin with natural herbs and ingredients is much more effective than using organic products. Her sister, Amina, has been a constant help to her, guiding her with these tips.

“Every face has something different,” says Fatima, when asked about the most prominent feature in a face. She believes that everybody is blessed with one special feature that makes them look beautiful. It can be the eyes, lips or a perfect nose. Fatima usually works with bold eye make-up, making one’s eyes prominent and attractive. But she can go with the subtle look as well.

“Thank you Youth Correspondent, for being a blessing for talented people who have yet a long way ahead of them. You actually give us hope by doing an amazing, selfless job,” says the gorgeous Fatima.

We, at Youth Correspondent, wish Fatima a very bright and successful future.

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