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It has been 64 years since the birth of our motherland “PAKISTAN” and all those years we have spent facing a lot of challenges and problems; encountered some as well as created more problems than solved. We have always looked around us on things with pessimism and waited for others to do good to us and make things happen. We did not step up to make a change but waited for things to change.

“Nothing’s going to change by itself” – even to turn a page you have to apply some force than how can we expect such immense problems to vanish by themselves while we may just comment on things, criticize people and blame it on one another.

What our society lacks is interaction between people based on constructive ideas and community development. More than half of our population consists of youth which is a great blessing for our country; all we need to do is to mobilize them and make them spend their energies and brains in the right path. We should start supporting our arguments about the problems of the society with their solutions and practical implementations of them. Updating blogs can not help us much; the change we wish to see in others have to be brought about first in ourselves by practically doing something good for our society and country.

“Even the greatest journey begins with a first step ” – we may teach the kids who do not go to school (as illiteracy is one of the major problems of our country), donate our books to kids who can’t afford them, plant trees, clean our whereabouts, preach ethics and most importantly we need to have the will to serve selflessly and listen to each other with tolerance. If we decide to practically apply ourselves for the betterment of the country and ourselves we will witness the change in our society soon.

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