Cleaning the city, One wall at a time

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Any given 23rd of March you can find various kinds of people. From the patriotic who fervently post on the social media to the hard worker who makes the most of the day by catching up on those Zzzs. Between the hard-workers and these hardcore revolutionaries there are the people who do not buy the whole status quo. The people who set out to change things they believe are wrong.

On the 23th of March 2012 two such groups of people worked together. Green Volunteers collaborated with Lets Build On, to hold an Anti Wall-chalking drive at Zamzama. The energetic bunch of people aimed to change people’s perspective and inspire them to make a difference. They alter the dismissive way we look at the defaced walls and instead showed some sense of ownership for our beloved city and take an initiative to bring about a change. While the drive was going to be a first for them in Karachi, they plan to do this on regular basis.

Volunteers gathered at 0300 and tirelessly made their way through, from wall to wall. The diversity of people participating in the event reflected the effort organizers had put into the event. There were people from various universities including PNEC (NUST), AKU and Bahria to name a few. Then there were the curious by passers who inspired by the idea, joined in. Amongst them were people from all walks of life, be it foreigners, kids or the elderly.

The volunteers encouraged the people to stop complaining and do something. How we, being the youth have to step forward to change all that we think is wrong, and while there will always be challenges; it is our responsibility to make sure we do our little part.

Talking with the organizers revealed that the drive was in no way a small feat. The team faced a fair share of challenges. To add to the red tape and the logistics of the event, there were security concerns to be addressed. It was a whole month of planning and hard work but in the end the perseverance and determination of the team pulled through. And as the sun set on the 23rd of March a small part of Karachi was a little bit cleaner.

Youth Correspondent expresses its sincere gratitude to the organizers and especially to Mr. Shah Talha Sohail for inviting Youth Correspondent to this noble cause.

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