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Photos Courtesy by: Ahsan Mahmood, Ahsan Mukhtar and Irum Tariq

How often are you grateful for the little things in life? Are you thankful for waking up healthy? Do you value your life? When asked, a patient at the Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association stated that he is grateful to Allah more than ever now since the disease he is suffering from is a constant reminder to him for how important life is.

Pakistan has about 15,000 people suffering from various kidney diseases. The Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association is a welfare organization that caters to such patients; established in December 1997 by Colonel Shamim.

Colonel Shamim, along with the help of his friends, set up a 3 room centre in Chaklala. Initially, it was only an out-patient clinic and with further development, over the years, they managed to attain 3 dialysis machines. By 2004, they were performing dialysis at a minimal scale and supplying free medicines to kidney patients. Colonel Shamim himself battled kidney failure for 24 years. After him, followed Colonel Yunus Bhatti, who was appointed as the General Secretary for Pakistan Kidney Patients Association.

After over a year’s effort, Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association was successful in constructing a four storey building with the help of donations. The building is equipped with a dialysis centre that currently has 15 dialysis machines, along with a reverse-osmosis plant that works as filter for dialysis machines, an administrative department, laboratory to carry out clinical tests, and an auditorium.

Twenty-five dialysis are performed on a daily basis at the Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association. In 2010, they successfully carried out 500 dialysis and took care of 6000 out-patients. Alongside, the Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association also has numerous programs on kidney awareness being run at universities, government colleges, and corporate centers. A 12 year old girl, whose mother is fighting renal failure, sent out an open message for all that people should not revert to self-treatment, instead, they should see a doctor right away and listen to the doctor. Many patients at the Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association claim to have been misled by mediocre doctors or mistreated by fake medicines that led to this condition for them. Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association has run about 50 such awareness programs.

Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association is certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy. It is a registered organization of the Government of Pakistan Social and Welfare Department. Since it is a welfare organization, being registered by the Central Board of Revenue exempts them from income tax on any donations.

There are only two possible solutions to renal failure; kidney transplant or dialysis. Both of which are expensive and are not easily affordable by an average income earner. Since Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association is purely a charity based organization, they cover their monthly expenditures with support from Bait-ul-Maal, social and corporate sectors willing to help, and private donations. However, they are now reaching out to a wider audience by asking for as little as Rs. 1000 per month from 300 people to gather 3 lacs each month to cater to their monthly expenditures. This can be done by sending in a Bank Statement in the name of Pakistan Kidney Patients Association, or even personally in cash.

Behind the smiles and strength is a ray of hope that can only be glistened with your help. Step forward and play your part in keeping these smiles alive. Donate for a healthy Pakistan.

Youth Correspondent stands by Pakistan Kidney Patient’s Association. Will you lend a helping hand to them?

You can follow PKPA at their Facebook page for details.

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