The Flight

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As the rising sun drops its guard,
And blinding sunshine blinds,
Somewhere in the perilous woods,
In gloom her heart she finds.
In darkness, lost and insecure,
Like a bird afraid of flight,
Wrapping her wings around her body,
Obscuring herself from sight.
The world is a worthless den to her,
She belongs to a nest up high,
Merriment, joy and ecstasy,
If only she could fly.
Under barks of formidable trees,
Feeble and vulnerable she lies,
A wind she knows, so soft that flows,
Has flown in to her cries.
It brushes through her alluring feathers,
She feels the world around,
It awakens her from a terminal sleep,
It lifts her off the ground.
She spreads her wings to the rhythm she feels,
She sways away the grime,
With every swing a memory burns,
That unforgettable time.
She reaches out to the heaven above,
Soaring away from hell,
She’s not a bird but a fallen angel,
She has duly found herself.

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