MUNIK III – The Legacy

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A special thanks to Farwah Rizvi, Shafia Wasim, Naamal Zafar, Faizan Abbas, Aqsa Kazmi, Hafsa Kazmi, Tooba Aftab, Arun Rawlani, Salar Umar and ofcourse Ablazed Studios and Kaydee Fotografia for covering the event on Youth Correspondent’s behalf.

Article Drafting and Final Edits by: Farwah Rizvi

Photographs used with Permission from Hibah’s Photography and Ablazed Studios.

On 21st January 2012, the delegates walked through the gates of The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), with their hearts full of hope and their eyes glowing with a desire to impact the choices of tomorrow by actively participating in the Model United Nations IBA Karachi (MUNIK 2012). Syed Salman Haroon Kalam, the President of MUNIK welcomed the delegates and the faculty advisors at the opening ceremony and assured an experience of a lifetime that promises knowledge, awareness and fun. Mustafa Kamal, the former City Nazim, and an inspiration to the youth emphasized upon the importance of role the youth plays in the development and in bringing about change at the opening ceremony.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that Level 08 Studios, our owner group led by Hamza Shams were the Design Partners of the MUNIK legacy. From the creative designs to every minutest bit of what ever says MUNIK was created by the guy himself. Truly, creativity finds way in the people who call themselves ‘creative emergency specialists’.

Moving back to the conference, we’d like to introduce Felix Pal, who came all the way from Australia to chair the committee of United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), clearly stealing the limelight. While expressing his views about the conference he stated how ecstatic he was to be a part of it, he said, “I love the people and the weather, and I look forward to attending more MUNs here. Pakistan’s great.”

The President MUNIK, Salman Haroon, while speaking about the enormity of the conference which consisted of more than twelve hundred delegates and fourteen committees, reiterated the importance of organizing such events and said, “We are here to provide the platform, now it is up to the students to decide how they make use of it.”

The committees in session and agendas for debate voted on, the delegates representing their designated countries began on formally discussing the selected topic. The topic of ‘media freedom’ being voted on for debate at Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (SOCHUM) drew this reporter’s attention where the Delegate of Sweden was often found bashing, when asked for views on her committee session Ramsha Wasti said, “I am having a great time at SOCHUM and it’s really interesting to see the delegate of China supporting media freedom. Moreover, bashing China and Iran has never been more fun!”, the Delegate of Pakistan labeled the draft resolution proposed by the Delegate of USA, ‘a donut which has the sugary coating on top and a huge hole in the centre’, on the other hand the Delegate of Australia was attracting other delegates to his bloc with his charm. Colman Tse, the Director SOCHUM, who came from Hong Kong, was impressed by the active participation in his committee, and about his visit to Pakistan said, “MUNIK is great. I enjoy the weather and food here. My stomach gets upset every time I eat Pakistani food, but that doesn’t stop me. Scene on hai !”

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) with around three hundred delegates, created their mark in MUN history of Pakistan for being the largest committee! The topic under discussion here was the ‘accountability of nuclear weapons for nuclear states’. The delegates actively participating in the heated debates defending their country’s stance, finding loopholes in other delegates’ speeches and bashing them ‘with all due respect’ accounts to be a common panorama in every committee.

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