IT’S A NEW YEAR why be the old you?

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Happy 2012 to everyone out there.

It’s a new year, followed by new days, new dates, new memories, new experiences, and new realities of life, so why be the old you? Phegency invited you all to a NEW start where your abilities can be credited and your talent can get the recognition it deserves. We are the first talent house based in Pakistan (currently Karachi) that has a talent pool ranging from actors, models, designers (including graphic, apparel, textile, and jewelry) dancers, stylists, musicians and singers to many more. In this day and age your, your education, job, and life can easily se some extra mileage, some good work experience that might not be your main profession in life but surely is a sidekick to make you feel proud of your talent. At Phegency we find the right avenue for each talents abilities and find appropriate projects for them.

This weekend we have out first workshop with our aspiring actors in which we will have ever talent get familiar with the other, learning from one another what each of them have to offer, along with their first short preparatory acting lesson. We wish for everyone to write to us and register with us. Talent does not have an age; all it needs is the passion to stand out from the rest.

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At PHEGENCY we aim to bring together all talents under one roof. Phegency is a forthcoming casting agency which is open to talents from all genres of art. Phegency caters to those who understand the role of an agent to further introduce suitable talents or clients for their ventures as per requirement. Our mission starts with bridging the gap for our talents and clients. We believe in respecting,... helping, and maintaining a professional yet friendly relationship with our collaborators. Phegency provides guidance, care and support, and promises a healthy working experience. At Phegency we look forward to promote our registered talents. Here we provide a platform to any and every talent who secure their profile in our data.

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