IBA LeadershOp Conference 4.0 – Day 1: Hatch

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An inspiring event indeed! Filled with excitement, joy and unmatched learning, it surely was an event worth attending. Oh wait! I forgot to introduce myself. I was a representative of Youth Correspondent at IBLC 4.0 for Day 1. Protocol, Protocol. No doubt that the event was filled with enthusiastic and eager participants who were on their feet at all times and I couldn’t find one head dozing off.

Let’s not go into the boring details of the event. At the start of the event, one of the organizers handed me an IBLC newsletter which was a replica of a gossip sheet. Yes, it unveiled the juicy gossips, behind-the-scene facts, and things that we can never know by the cluster facilitators. I did it again, didn’t I? So, who are cluster facilitators? For each team, a different member was assigned to “facilitate” them all through the event and they did their jobs tremendously. In the gossip sheet (IBLC newsletter 4.0), there were certain tips (quite useful) for the participants on how to irritate the cluster facilitators! One that fascinated me the most was: “Ask them where the bathroom is 5 times a day!!! *at least*

Talha Iqbal, one of the most influential speakers, talked about “Understanding Leadership.”  He kept the audience captivated and entertained with his humor and thought-provoking talks throughout the event. His message certainly had deep resonance.

And did I mention about another brilliant speakers who just swept us off our feet? Literally. A mind scientist, Urooj Moiz even brought tears to my eyes. Her topic: ‘In search of Depth within You’ made us all realize our true potential. Her dad, Mr. Moiz Hussain spoke on ‘Your mind, Your soul’ which was quite unbelievable. For him, three words meant the most and those are: Thoughts become things! Always. A round of thunderous applause was enough to prove that he had touched everybody’s heart present there.

And then there was the Parda Team. Candidly speaking, the spy agents. They were the backstage pass to all the things the “people involved” will try to hide from the participants. They were responsible to unveil the juiciest gossips regarding the cluster facilitators.

I saved the best for the last! KOLAVERI DI. A performance by cluster facilitators on Kolaveri Di and by the end of it, all the participants were enthusiastically dancing to its tunes. Without any doubt, IBLC 4.0 Day 1 was a worthwhile experience.

We don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank Sohaib Bin Shahid. A big thank you to Sohaib, for providing assistance to our team during the event.

Hats off to the organizing team for executing this event so successfully.

You can’t beat them on this one. So keep an eye out for the next one! :D

Special thanks to Naamal Zafar and Shafia Wasim for the coverage of the event.

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