First Time

Jan 31, 2012 by     Comments Off on First Time    Posted under: Ballad
As dawn approaches with arms wide open,
I lie here lifeless on a surf tormented shore,
Building castles of dreams with sands I pity,
Isolated from the world with wishes galore.
I don’t lie here as a broken-hearted man,
I lie with a hole where my heart should be,
‘Cause my heart was stolen by an angel from above,
A girl with beauty for all to envy.
I’m all laden in sand with her picture in my hand,
And I dream of a future, golden and divine,
But with the same open heart will I ever be loved,
Or will I be stuck dreaming drowned in this brine.
Forgiveness for times, I’ve been absurd,
Forgiveness I seek from the angel from above,
I’m an ordinary man, can’t be perfect,
Forgive me, for the first time I’ve fallen in love.

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