Charity Bake Sale at St. Patrick’s High School – 2011

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This is an event review post of the year 2011.

Every inquisitive-minded adolescent struggling in this incredibly competitive and demanding world has only one dream: to educate itself, to read, to write, and to be respected in the society. This is exactly what ‘Sukoon Foundation’ does. The foundation is providing free education to several poor and deprived children. The foundation itself has been initiated by one of my fellow Patricians, Mohsin Azam Khan, along with Sarmast Bilawal Khuhro.

On the 14th of December 2011, the Care ‘n’ Share Society of St. Patrick’s High School held its annual fundraiser, a Charity Bake Sale. All members of the society were supposed to contribute in some form or the other and generate funds which would go to the Sukoon Foundation.

Having been associated to Maryville Old Age Home, I, along with nine other friends, set up three stalls: two consisting of games and one comprising of food, including scrumptious home-baked brownies. There were a number of stalls; some put up by a team from SIUT, others put up by Dar-ul-Sakoon, while the rest were contributed by the group of Care and Kindness.

There were food items, including apple pies, cinnamons, brownies, pizzas, cakes, biryani, fried potato chips, cookies, that were put up for sale and eagerly bought and swallowed down the beastly guts!

Also, there were about nine people on the three stalls set by us. One comprised of food, while the other two included four games. There were three of us, including me, who had classes to attend – thanks to our highly demanding group. So, while I and my other two classmates attended classes of Accelerated Math and Chemistry, my six malevolent friends increased the prices of food from the biryani plate initially costing Rs. 35 to Rs. 75! And the best part is, students ranging from 3rd grade to A Levels visited our stall with beaming openness and bought our biryani enthusiastically. Not only was the food bought, but the four incredibly mind boggling games were actively played too. The game ‘’Buzz Me” earned us most of the money in the amusement section, while “Mirror Maze” ranked second. Our stall was the greatest hit, not only because the prices were fairly reasonable, but also because there was oodles of entertainment.

The expenses and costs spent on making this event successful on our part were generously returned by our very own selves. From an expected profit of Rs. 3000, it augmented to Rs. 10,000. There were victorious, gleaming smiles all around us as we had not only donated a handful to the Sukoon Foundation but also managed to save up about Rs. 4000 for the Maryville Christmas Party that we had planned to throw in the following week. What an unimaginable feeling it was, as we then, along with our Maryville Coordinator began to plan the upcoming party with exciting gifts to endow. Our group of nine then set out to plan yet another successful event to see wrinkly yet pleased faces.

Colors surrounded us. The blue sky glistened as the wind beat against our joyous faces while we made money swiftly. The tight-fisted continued to argue, demanding a discount on almost everything. “Be charitable, buddy. It is all for donations.” was the frequent comeback.

By the end of the day, the society head informed us that we had generated a magnanimous amount for the foundation. It was an unimaginable feeling as we had earned and then donated that money to the underprivileged through our efforts. On this happy note, the day came to an end and we went back home in tremendously high spirits.

Our Lobo House Captain playing the Buzz Me game with utter concentration amidst the tense atmosphere.  

Oops. Looks like Mr. Captain hit the wire.

The girly gang with the ‘Mirror Maze” game and its creator J.

The brownies sure did sell out faster than fast. The last two pieces were sold from Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 each. ;). What can I say? Our cooking is in demand!

Our neighbors’ stall set up by the senior students having the time of their lives splashing wet sponges on the “Muscle Man”. At the back, we can see the dart game which was unfortunately not so booming as not a single being could get the bulls eye!

P.S. All these people (even the girls) behind the cardboard came willingly just for sake of charity. And a little bit of watery fun.

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