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By Mukarram Raza

From the first dawn of humanity, there have been three kinds of engineers. First, who make wonders happen; second, who watch the wonders happen, and the third wonder what has happened. Frankly speaking, all our lives we have been the kind, which has watched and wondered what has happened. But now we have a chance to make a wonder happen. Chance, what chance …?? Yeah a chance that is called Shell Eco Marathon. It’s said that luck never strikes twice at your door step. And yeah we are the lucky ones who have been chosen for this audacious task. Most of you do not know what Shell Eco Marathon is actually about.

Shell Eco Marathon is a global event that is held every year to promote highly fuel efficient concept cars. It challenges the students to bring forth there novel ideas for the development of super mileage vehicles that can propose a considerable solution for the growing energy crisis all around the world in auto-mobile sector. Normally, this event is classified in two categories: Prototype which deals with the design and fabrication of a three wheeled futuristic concept car that can give maximum possible efficiency. Second is Urban Category which demands the development of a vehicle that is close to a modern day road worthy vehicle with better mileage and efficiency.

By the way, who are “We”; well we are “The Team PNEC”. Team PNEC consists of the undergraduate students of Pakistan Navy Engineering College which is a constituent college of National University of Science and Technology. Curiosity is the driving force for our team as curiosity leads to revelations that are at times absolutely astounding. Team PNEC can be declared as the pioneers of SEM inPakistanwho without a shadow of doubt has opened up ways for other Pakistani teams with its maiden participation in SEM Europe 2009.

In its maiden appearance, Team PNEC was not only the First ever to run at Euro Speed Track from Pakistanbut also grabbed 2nd place in the best team spirits award. In SEM 2010, Team’s Prototype created a considerable hype with its fully automated and WIFI mechanism. This innovation was highly appreciated by Shell. Team PNEC will be participating in both categories for SEM 2012 which will be held inMalaysia and is looking forward to perform extraordinary feats in both categories. To lay proper focus on both categories Team PNEC has been further divided into two sub teams. Team’s Prototype has been named as Ballista and urban as Bolt. Team Bolt has been handed over the responsibilities of urban category and Team Ballista will be supervising the Prototype category. This division has been made to put specified and more precise efforts on both cars to get the maximum results.

Slightly talking about the technical aspects of our cars; it has to be some thing as light as it’s possible because weight reduction can give us extra bit of mileage. Keeping that in view, the car’s body will be fabricated with fiber glass; the design has to be chiefly aerodynamic so that efficiency can be enhanced by reducing drag. Moreover electronic fuel injection system will be installed to ensure controlled fuel metering.

Well after a page long discussion, this thing finally comes down to finance as this is a costly venture to participate and requires proper financial assistance. Without financial support, the whole idea would be put into jeopardy. We have been in contact with different organizations to find adequate sponsorship. It is a request to the entire corporate sector to come forward, support such programs, be a source of encouragement for young talented engineers and let innovation have a chance to flourish. Moreover, it is also a responsibility of media to highlight such things to attract more sponsors.

Last but not the least, it would be elusive to talk about our performance in the upcoming event and we will not brag about our chances of winning as actions speak louder than words. However, we pledge to bring the best out of us to bring esteem to the team, to our institution and above all to Pakistan. (YES WE CAN)

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