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“A book is a good friend” – This quotation is often transformed as “A good book is a good friend”. I always wonder about the difference between a book and a good book. The most frequent answer I get is that people have just developed an unwary habit of categorizing everything; necessary or unnecessary.

I think that books cannot be categorized, not at least in terms of what they deliver. There is always room for learning. Even the silliest book, if not more, teaches you to be articulate. It depends on the outlook of the reader. If he is really awake to what he is reading he can dig out lessons from almost every single book he encounters.

So the act of reading is something more than just reading. It is an art. An art of looking beyond words. An art leading to self-improvement. An art of fetching the unsaid. An art of conquering the apparently unfathomable depths of literature. An art of creating a mental depth. It is an art of silent revelations…

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