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Questionnaire Designed by Aqsa Kazmi, Iqra Sajid and Zahra Moiz.

Eminent vocals, guitars and striking performances – behold the Cheapmunks! A group of talented young individuals surfacing towards a highly stirring channel of accomplishments.  Read up to what they have to share to their fans,

Tell us about the Cheapmunks and their lives?
Well, we all lead very different lives, but for some reason we all are very much alike and love each others’ company. Mehak has her uni life inLondon, where she studies and likes to chill with her flat mates (Ananya and Anuja). Ananya is also a singer so therefore Mehak and Ananya get along very well and jam together everyday. Suhana on the other hand is very social and likes to have fun 24 hours, 7 days a week, and chill with every friend that is important to her and get the best out of life. Hamza has his own career (film director), where he says he runs his own life, but is very untrue. His life is usually run by the brand managers of the brands he works for. He is very much of a workaholic, and is usually busy working on his projects. Danyal is a spoiled brat as an adult would say, but to his friends he is the dearest and the nicest friend anyone could have. He likes to stay happy and likes enjoying life to the fullest. Besides that he is also a big socializer so that’s where his time goes.

Cheapmunks - Youth Correspondent

How did you girls decide to sing and perform professionally?
Well, we never thought that we will be singing professionally, this is something that happened over night, when Suhana was spending a night at Mehak’s.

What’s the story behind the name “Cheapmunks”?
Well it was Mehak who came up with it. It was an inspiration from the chipmunks. She just added cheap to it, since we do cheap stuff all the time and love it :D.

Does being first cousins help boost up your work relationship?
More than that we are best friends.

You create “East meets West” music fusions. Aren’t you afraid of people accusing you of not having originality?
Though we were accused of that, but people like listening to cover and we like covering songs that have some sort of memories, and there are a lot of people who love us for it.

What has been the most memorable work experience so far?
All that we have done so far has been great and memorable because we had so much fun and great memories still live, even though there have been some bad times; still they all were worth it.

Your fan club has over forty thousand members. How does all the overwhelming attention make you feel?
Great and we love our fans for all the support and we want to say thank you to them.

Do you plan on switching from covers to writing your own songs sometime in future?
Yes, somewhere in the future but covers will always be our thing.

You both seem apparently young having a lot of responsibilities. How do you manage your gigs? Is it difficult?
Hamza plays the daddy role in the band and he manages everything for us, even everyone’s personal lives sometimes.

What’s your own personal favourite cover done by your group?
We love all of them, but if we have to pick one then it would be the first one that we did – “oh my gosh”.

Who are your role models in your field (inspiration)?
Every great artist or musician ever lived.

Have you ever cried at a movie, gone to a wedding uninvited, performed impromptu dance in front of an audience?
We have done all of the above, but if we have to share something it would be the first performance Mehak and Suhana ever did together (we were 8). There is also a picture of that day on our FB page.

Ever had people approaching you for record deals?
Yes many, but we still haven’t picked one.

Where do you see “The cheapmunks” five years from today?
Don’t know haven’t planned so far, lets see where life takes us.

What is in store for 2012? A new album?
Nothing :D well, maybe a video.

Do you believe in good luck charms?
Yes to an extent, half of the band does.

What, according to you, determines the success of your band?
Seriously, can’t answer that.

Any crazy fan stories?
We had a concert on the Area 51 roof top where the crowd would not let us go out of the venue and surrounded us. Felt a bit unsafe because it was mostly all boys, then Danyal grabbed our hands and pulled us out of the crowd, then helped escort us out of the building.

The ‘made my day’ moment since your band started?
Hasn’t been one.

Any obstacles that might have come your way when bringing up your band? Any that you forecast in future?
There are so many, where do we start from.

When did you start thinking about brining yourself into the open?
Never thought about it, it just happened.

Do you come from a background where singing was a passion? Or is it something entirely new in your family?
It’s not exactly new; all of our parents were big on music.

You wouldn’t be caught dead…
Hurting someone.

One song you won’t ever cover!
Well there isn’t one, we love all of them :D

Was singing always a career path for you guys or do u plan to pursue other career options?
This was never our career path – it just happened, we will continue singing as a side career.

Somebody who you would like to share your credits with?
Saba Quadri, who is a great person and a great friend, she was the one who made us all meet.

Your message to the youth?
Love life, Love music.

What would you like to say about working with Youth Correspondent?
It has been great, and maybe in the future it’ll be better.

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