A warm tribute to a cold winter at Winter Wonderland

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Emerald Towers, Clifton, was the place to be on Saturday 24th of December 2011. Greeted with a big Santa Claus at the entrance, Winter Wonderland spread out various colors to visitors of all ages reaching out to grab them. The event is meant to last for a week since the first day. Winter Wonderland, an event full of surprises, gifts, fun, fashion & food is organized by Parkha Khan and Salman Parekh to contribute to both the promotion of the mall and the winter sensation that Christmas and New Year brings along.

Beginning with what inspired the art lovers, the Art Masquerade positioned on the second floor held the greatest attention of all, those appreciating art and those who don’t. The paintings, undoubtedly breathtaking, were creations of different artists, with the majority being prepared by Mariam Khan. Displaying innovations and thoughts with respect to all areas of life, the paintings that seized appreciation more than the others with mostly that reflected peace of the soul and freedom of thoughts. Encompassed within the Masquerade was Adnan Adil Khan’s epic and exquisite photography. The skills demonstrated with the power of the lens was evidently breathtaking and worthy of praise. Occupying two rooms, the paintings and photography in general were pieces of wonderful effort and creativity which was reflected in their exhibit.

Moving on, Phegency also offered its services to the event. Positioned on the first floor, Phegency is a casting agency providing a platform for individuals possessing any talent to gain exposure and avail his/her talent to fruitful use. It works on an aim to project people with talent to various manifestos where they can display their talent, be appreciated, and have the capability and guidance to polish their skills to surmise themselves as achievers in their own way. Talents pertaining to singing, dancing, acting, photography, or be it any other talent is appreciated here. The organization came about 2 months ago and has received high recognition in the timeframe.

With all the excitement and thrill, the ground floor was arranged with seats on both sides of the centered elevator. The top end of the elevator staged two hosts of the event who continuously entertained the guests with live performances of young upcoming singers and guitarists. Among the performances were ‘Cheapmunks’ with Suhana Blaoch and Shayan Fatani with their applauded singing.

Winter Wonderland was not all about big brands; there was something for everyone! This winter week is designed by Parkha Khan, a fashion designer herself, to gather families and provide them fun with fashion. The kids’ magic show, face painting and performance of the muppets was the most exciting part for the kids present in the event. Expensive gift hampers by Mona J, Nadia Salon, Dewdrops Coutre, Maansal Estileto, Al-Karam, Thara’s & Phegency were distributed via lucky draws to various lucky winners. Food court for families provided food of all delights to people. The Christmas tree on the ground floor turned out to be the best background for pictures to be taken specially for teenagers and kids.

Next came, the striking parade of models as the Fashion Show began. Displaying elaborate selections of collections by Wajahat Mansoor, DewDrops Couture (Parkha Khan), Maansal Estileto, Nazia Malik and Design Lounge drew in heavy acknowledgement and admiration from the audience. The designs were certainly innovative and designed keeping in mind both the needs of fashion and the weather. Excited whispers from the female audience, to be precise, evidenced the epic and impressive collection.

It was around 7 pm that the lady of the event, Parkha Khan stepped down and was greeted by a huge round of applause by the audience. Clad in white, she asserted that this event was just an effort to bring people together for some fun and excitement. When asked about her next projects, she declared that her upcoming event is Mehendi Extravaganza 2012.

The beautiful Nadia Hussain, The famous Yousuf Bashir and the showstopper Zeba Ali, who as expected were welcomed with high regards and many felt proud to see them in person. All in all, the event promised a similar range of enthusiasm and thrill throughout the week. The responses of the visitors to Winter Wonderland held that they were enjoying the event, and the mall although smaller in size compared to others, held some good brands and the mall would be a success.

Photos Courtesy: Salar Umar

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