Your Chance to Explore Ends Tomorrow!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the LUMS Science Olympiad is back. And this time it’s BIGGER. With more than fifteen events to showcase your intellectual acumen, this year’s LUMS Sci-fi promises to be academic treat for students. Organized by Spades, the Society for the Promotion and Development of Engineering and Sciences, Psi-Fi within a year has established itself as one of the premiere events of its kind.

PsiFi was born in 2010 with a clear-cut purpose – to inculcate a sense of scientific adventurism and a passion for creation in the new scientists of Pakistan. A country where science is given precedence over all other fields of study- there is an impressive number of science institutions in Pakistan which are dedicated to imparting facts and concepts to their students. But the question is- why limit science to textbook ideas only? The new generation of scientists from Pakistan consists of bright, spunky and highly-talented individuals that hunger for a chance to show off their creative passion and want more than just textbook knowledge.

PsiFi 2012 – will be grander than its predecessors.  It is being planned as a National Science Event and will focus on making the participants feel the empowerment that science brings with it. With the patronage of LUMS SSE, support of few government organizations and the involvement of societies from universities like NUST and NTU, PsiFi 2012 is bound to be an enriching and meaningful experience.

PsiFi’12 will be hosting events like TEXTILE EVENT, where one has to design an outfit to counter the unprecedented ambience of the given situation.

For more aggressive engineers there is a JUNKYARD WAR where the teams are to wage a war against each other by designing a catapult with the materials provided.

For Sherlock Holmes and CSI fans, nothing’s better than the SCIENCE CRIMEBUSTERS where they will be asked to solve a crime scene using forensic science.

For the technical minds there is RISE OF MACHINES where the main objective is to design a robot.


Pakistan has produced names in history that have left their mark on this world through their scientific genius- now it’s time for the new generation to take the stage and Experience, Experiment and Explore.

Don’t miss the chance, register now!

Gallery from PsiFi 10 and PsiFi 11. Images Used with Permission from LUMS PsiFi External Promotions.

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