How to read the Modern World: Are we oblivious of our own imaginative capacities?

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“My talent dried up and blew away in the wind,” Sherman told the Korean women, when he went to take part in a puzzle solving competition. Sherman Alexei was a story writer, a poet, and a screen writer, who wanted to write for Hollywood movies, however, his  efforts and projects were impaired by a conceited movie producer in Hollywood.

The world we live in is full of hardworking and industrious people but they give up all their efforts when their efforts and dreams get shattered. They always try to bring something unique for others, but when they do not get appreciated in return, they leave all the work and stop putting in effort. As a result, they either start doing something new for a living, or try to get back to their previous work. However, this happens after quite a long time.

Life is not simple at any point in time, but living it in a unique way makes it simple. Lives of people like Sherman tell us that we should keep ourselves busy with something or the other at every point of life. Sherman kept himself busy by solving puzzles and then taking part in puzzle solving competitions. According to him, this kept him away from thinking about the bad time with the conceited movie producer.

At times, people may come across situations they do not expect to meet. Sherman came across a similar situation when he went for an interview. He was asked why he was there and his wit and sense of humor helped him answer the question. He simply lied to the producer and that lie eventually saved him. Therefore, it is clear that telling a lie can be helpful at times, but not always. If you ask someone how to get rid of the fire, they will simply tell you to get a fire extinguisher or put water or soil on it. Conversely, Sherman, in his novel, says tells us to “set another fire when there is a fire chasing you”. This statement explains his way of solving problems in a different way, though some people might consider him crazy just like the conceited producer did.

When talent gets blown in the wind, it makes life harder and harder for people. One tries day and night to do what they want to do but when they are not rewarded, appreciated, or paid well, it takes the shape of a common sentiment in the environment. It is human nature that people find it difficult to tolerate the success of others. People consider themselves right and don’t want to listen to what others have to say just like the movie producer’s reaction when he wanted to take Blake out of the book and Sherman refused to do so. As a result, the arrogant producer fired him.

There comes a time in life when one can help in healing someone’s sadness. These situations give renewed hope to people to continue living life like Sherman did. Even after losing the puzzle solving competition, Sherman kept on solving puzzles from Times Newspaper. What he wanted to do was only to make himself satisfied and relieved after solving the puzzles. So, losing does not mean quitting; it actually means keep struggling until you win.

The world is free for those who know how to celebrate the pain, injustice, failure and disgrace. But only a few fortunate people are able to live in this free world by moving on and making their own way. The feeling of excitement is something natural but people like Sherman are able to find excitement in their lives because they know how to celebrate failure. If someone wants to find excitement, then they have to learn the art of compromising because excitement comes with compromises in living peacefully. Human passion is not only quiet but also warm because it is an intense electricity charge that runs profitably during the chain basis; however, if the chain is broken, the current becomes hazardous. This theory explains the lives of the people who live their passion and their passion then becomes sole reason for their living. No matter how difficult and fearful the digging in and search of beauty is, beauty only lies in the eyes of the beholder. Courageous people know how to face uncertain problems and accept the challenges. They accept challenges because they know that the acceptance of challenges will eventually make them realize the excitement of victory.

By living in the past, we try to work for the future in order to make it brighter and brighter. But we reach a point in life when we ask ourselves, “Is this the future that I wanted?” In reality, we are becoming slaves of artificial passions and suspicions. Someone says that slow motion is used by film-makers to jump cuts and musicians usually scratch and remix their music. Similarly, isn’t there any way for writers to enjoy their life? Also, it is said that writers use templates which were invented almost 300 years ago and young writers today are becoming clever by playing with the emotions of readers.

In conclusion, I’d say that everyone tries to achieve two things in life. First, to achieve what one wants. Second, to enjoy life after achieving it. Only the wisest achieve the second. Therefore, for writers, it is essential to enjoy whatever they write on.

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