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The agenda of this article focuses on how the people using Emotional Intelligence make their way to success? To understand this concept, we first have to clear ourselves that what actually Emotional Intelligence is. How is it beneficial for us? What qualities or traits does it instill in people with moderate intelligence for them to be successful using Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the set of skills underlying the accurate assessment, identification, evaluation, regulation, and control of emotions of a person or group. From the definition we precisely observe two essential grounds of Emotional Intelligence; the first being to recognize yourself, your aims, objectives and behavior etc., and the second being recognizing other’s pattern of thinking, behavior, feelings and emotions.

According to Jack Mayer and Peter Salovey, Emotional Intelligence is an accurate form of intelligence. Psychologist Daniel Goleman (1995) carried out research on the subject and pronounced that a person with emotional intelligence has the talent to get along well with others. In addition, it also gives sense of accurately predicting the feelings experienced by the other person so that we are able to manage ourselves to behave or act appropriately as per the need of the circumstance. Emotional Intelligence is the basis of competencies including empathy, organizational awareness, service orientation skills, self confidence, emotional self awareness, accurate self assessment, flexibility, achievement orientation, emotional self control, transparency, optimism, initiative, building bonds, teamwork, collaboration, communication, and conflict management skills.

Emotional Intelligence Relating to Success

After discovering the true sense of the topic, Jack Mayer and Peter Salovey focused their interest on factors effecting Emotional Intelligence. The researches via the results of their researches demonstrated that some individuals are very successful in their life than others because of possessing greater Emotional Intelligence as it provides one with capabilities, competencies and skills required to being successful in life. It gives enough strength to an individual to deal with the difficulties faced within the pressurized environment to achieve the desired aims and objectives by completion of the task assigned.

Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

The report on ‘Achieving Necessary Skills’ from the United State Secretary of Labor Commission revealed that to have a workplace delivering high performance, we require well-educated workers who have computational and self-management skills in addition to being responsible, motivated, confident and honest – the competencies generated from Emotional Intelligence.

For instance, during a negotiation meeting it is very important to accurately assess what we want from the other party and what they expect from us. The key to being able to execute the negotiation effectively is to know what we want and what we are prepared to offer to get it, which is only possible through self-awareness. Understanding the willingness of other party through thorough evaluation makes us able to respond appropriately and through this intelligence we may have a win-win situation between both parties.

Understanding Customers by Using Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps us analyze what our customers want from us or how the customers perceive the goods and services provided to them. Moreover, it represents how to deal appropriately with each customer by determining their taste, feelings and emotions. In simple words, it helps us to evaluate the mentality of customers to make the best decisions. The command influencing the customers totally depends on the ability to attach or connect with them emotionally, such as in the construction businesses a dealer deals differently with each customer as per the relevant need. Sometimes, the offer presented to one customer may not be available to others in line mainly due to the fact that the customer itself gives greater value added benefits to the organization than monetary ones.

Emotional Intelligence Use for Hiring

Emotional Intelligence is extensively being used for hiring the best candidates for vacancies. By using emotional intelligence, employers configure which candidate can manage and to what extent he can have control on himself while working with others at critically emotional workplaces and situations. Further, the employers can easily identify if there is any lacking in flexibility, common sense, confidence, or motivation. An important role in hiring top executives, emotional intelligence assists to the highest degree as they are implicitly expected to be faultless in resolving conflicts, building bonds, collaboration, organizational awareness, and transparency.

A Model of Emotional Intelligence

This model encompasses five interrelated elements namely: self awareness, managing self emotions, awareness of others, interaction and resilience.

Intellect, through which a person can transform and improve his or her way of doing things, can also improve the way of identifying emotions of oneself, after which we can retain an equilibrium state of mind and this in turn helps to competently identify and understand the emotions and feelings of others. Awareness of others comes in right here, which then relates to having high-quality integration and thus one is able to sustain and retain a good relationship throughout – all of these elements help to build the resilience element.


The above research concludes that people using Emotional Intelligence find their way to success as such people know themselves very well as they are self aware, know exactly what they are and who they are in others’ minds. Furthermore, they can easily envisage what does someone desires from them and how to satisfy such desires. An individual can control and manage the emotions by using emotional intelligence which is the key part of all attributes pertaining to managers and leaders at the workplace. Employers especially exercise emotional intelligence for hiring the best candidate for the job. Besides, Emotional Intelligence develops certain traits in people which are the vital requirements for being successful in life.


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