Disjointed Emotions

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From the shady branch to the burning heat;

Punishment for all my deeds?

At this point I stand

Looking back with all the regret..


You were the one I looked up to

But now you’re so low I can’t even see you.

There was nothing I would do

Without telling you..


It’s not like that’s the only thing wrong in life,

I’ve done so much wrong..

Everything slashes like a knife

Emotions I have buried for so long


Disdain, disappointment, regret

Scorn, lost love, lost memories

Perhaps you deserve all that?

What shall be the aftermath?


Every day a battle, a fight.

It’s all about wrong and right.

Mistakes I have made

Perhaps they were my fate?


One part I’ve loved.

Crazily loved.

Another part holds me back;

Am I making the same mistake over again?


All a bunch of disjointed emotions

Confused, lost

Yet, of all that dwindles,

Miss those times the most….

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