Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

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So true, yet this statement is surrounded by so many misconceptions, thanks to human psychology. In simple terms what has been perceived beautiful by one person need not be beautiful from another person’s perspective, but unfortunately many people think that once they find someone beautiful, endearing and charming and what not, the entire world must look at them with the same eyes.

The world’s population is around 7 billion which is further divided into many continents, countries, casts, creeds, cultures and traditions etc. 7 billion people indicates 7 billion mind’s; 7 billion different individuals who are different from each other in every way. Their likes, dislikes, their preferences, their thoughts, and their personalities, everything is different. But one thing that is comparable in all of them is that they all are attracted to, what they find beautiful. Beauty again has dissimilar meanings for all of us.

What does beauty mean? What can be or can’t be called beautiful and why?

Whenever, something beautiful comes to our mind, we make a mental image of it and when we see or feel the thing, we compare it to our mental image. The thing may actually be better, similar or worse than our mental image. Consequently, we rate the thing ‘extremely beautiful’, ‘beautiful’, or ‘not-so-beautiful’. It’s important to understand that this solely depends on an individual and their likes, reason why some people find darker skin tones beautiful while others prefer clear beautiful white skins to be regarded as attractive. Some people like slims bodies while others like heavy ones. There are people who love Lillie’s but then again Cactus to some is a beautiful plant too. There are cat lovers and dog lovers both in the world, there are those who hate snakes and then there are one’s who are in love with them. Some consider Leonardo De-Caprio the cutest others say Tom Cruise is unbeatable. Some people are in love with the serene deserts and others love breezy rainforests. In a nutshell, Beauty cannot be encapsulated; its perception varies for all of us.

Over the past few years, for some unknown reasons and causes, we have been brainwashed to forget the real concept of beauty. Needless to say, we all exist in a superficial world where attraction, beauty and appearance have their own defined parameters and in some cases it is considered as the pinnacle of success. I might sound iconoclastic towards the established notion of human attraction; it is a fact that despite some beliefs of equality and beauty lying in the eyes of the beholder, we are all vulnerable to certain physical characteristics that make some individuals more desirable than others. We have sought to believe that a person is only beautiful who has porcelain white skin and wears designer clothes. We have become more and more judgmental and materialistic regarding the appearance of a person. We have forgotten to respect beauty in its respective form.

First and foremost, we have forced ourselves to think that beauty is just on the outside, but the reality is the mere opposite of it, beauty is the essence of one’s personality combined with their talents and the confidence needed to sport it. It has nothing to do with one’s physical appearance or their insecurities. It is merely a matter of perspective one may have for feeling attracted to someone. In this context, this quote speaks for itself.

“Beauty is not real. Beauty only exists in perception”

Prettiness is something you can see but beauty cannot be seen, it can only be felt in our heart. There’s a reason why people who are broadminded have the most beautiful imagination and a beautiful mindset as well. Those who want to see and experience true beauty are blessed with a beautiful soul and most importantly a beautiful heart. It is definitely a fact that we all perceive beauty differently; some may be attracted to ones charm and compassion, while others to their qualities and persona.

So everything is beautiful and everyone is beautiful. The reflection of the creator and its magnificence can be seen in every bit of his creation which is unquestionable. I have bestowed myself to a conclusion that each of us perceive and behold life and what we consider beautiful, however many might have seen a pretty face but not a beautiful heart.

“See beauty without your eyes and you know it’s truly genuine.”

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