Students of SZABIST Move and Groove to Plant Mangroves

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By: Aysha Imtiaz

History was recently made as 5th semester BBA students of SZABIST combined fun with fundraising in a memorable and nonpareil beach trip “Marine Groove”. The opportunity to exercise their potential and demonstrate their capabilities was given to the students by the course instructor Mrs. Hina Shamsi, in the form of a Business Ethics class project. Not only did the class exemplify the fruits of combined efforts and practically apply the theories regarding teamwork which every business administrations student is inevitably familiar with, but it collectively found an unmatched sense of satisfaction in striving for the greater good. Consciences were not only reawakened but revitalized as the students worked in harmony for something other than self interest, something that transcended the tediousness of daily life. Even in the midst of recessionary conditions and cut throat competition, the students succeeded in exemplifying that the fruits of good, hard and ethical work do ultimately pay off.

The event was one of its kind in that the proceeds catered to not one but two extremely pressing needs. The students’ vision for allocating profits followed a two pronged approach, firstly to allay the troubles of the flood victims, and secondly to safeguard the environment of our beloved homeland by promoting an all but neglected area of the environment and ecology of the country – that is, mangrove swaps. Just as the event marked its distinction from all other events of its kind, so too did the underlying cause(s). Mediocrity found a force to be reckoned with in the shape of 5th semester students of BBA, whose dictionaries simply did not include terminologies such as “average”, “uninspired”, or “conventional”. Every move was ambitious and every decision had as its underlying impetus the desire to execute greatness.

It has often been seen that between the conception of an idea and its materialization falls a shadow of naïve idealism. One of the most commendable acts of the students, I believe, is that they conquered this bitter enemy, and demonstrated a flawless execution of their magnificent plans.

After one month of continuous marketing, overwhelming hype, long hours and a generous dose of hard work, the long awaited Sunday of October 23rd finally arrived. The event was made possible by the combined assistance of Sony, Continental Biscuits, and Al Ameen Cateres. The day progressed under the air of a ‘carnival’ at the beach, with music, food, and fun activities to be enjoyed by all. The event proved to be tremendous success in itself – in no way was it treated as simply a means to an end, but rather as an end in itself, a recreational stepping stone leading to an even more noble end. Above 300 excited students gathered early in the morning that day to celebrate not only an ever fashionable beach trip but also the dawn of a better tomorrow – a tomorrow in which efforts are made to safeguard the best interests of those who can not help themselves – be it the needy or the environment – a tomorrow in which all differences of class, status, background, social gathering, and preference peacefully give way to “the greater good”, a tomorrow in which we care.

Courtesy: Maaz Khan from InFocus Photography

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