Masla no. 2 – Hurt

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Hello Auntie, 

There is a friend of mine who I really enjoy being with, atleast most of the time. However, I recently realized that she doesn’t really care about me. She used me 3 times just to save herself. Whenever there’s a dangerous situation, she pushes me in front and saves her good reputation in front of the class. It is not like I care about what my fellow classmates think about me but I’m just geting sick of it. She even made me live with the guilt that I messed up but the fact was that she didn’t even care about that guy.

Please tell me what to do.

P.S. I don’t want to leave her because she does most of my assignments.

Dear Hurt,

You must have heard about the statement, clichè but true, ‘there is no such thing as free lunch’. She does your assignments, for which I am sure you get good marks, and in turn, uses you as her shield in dirty petty wars. If someone is helping you just so they could use you, then they are not worth it. From the choice of your words, you are clearly hurt, so you have to decide now: Marks or lost integrity?

Auntie’s two cents? One of the choices would affect the path of your entire life. Good luck, my bacha.

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